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  • Thank you for TG

    Just a quick note to express what a lot of us regularly experience: gratitude for this space. I barely have enough time for the corner of it I spend my time in (TGNS), so I don't get to take in the larger experience like I used to. For that reason and so many others, it's super easy to take this oasis for granted.

    To those of you running it, many thanks. I know it's as work as work can be, at times.

    To those of you consuming it, thank you for creating in your energy, contributions, and fellowship the motivation necessary for those running it to continue day after day, month after month, year after year, decade after decade.

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    Re: Thank you for TG

    This is one of those places that attract good people. I am afraid I will be hear until the internet implodes and becomes its own self aware entity, at which time I hope it learned a few things from TG. :) Yes TY


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      Re: Thank you for TG

      Thank you guys for running a site that I enjoy and almost habitually check every 2 hours. The website has become more of a social site than facebook (minus the dark side of the internet).


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        Re: Thank you for TG

        Thank you [MENTION=38]Wyzcrak[/MENTION] for helping make TG a better place in the virtual sea we float in! We are glad you are happy and glad you are part of us! :D
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          Re: Thank you for TG

          +1... Well said!


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            Re: Thank you for TG

            Once TG always TG. That reminds me I should re up my SM.
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              Re: Thank you for TG

              Some pretty solid peeps hang out in this place. Not only have I enjoyed many a game with some great fellow gamers and friends, I also have learned many new skills, tamed some bad habits and am a much better teamwork type person for having found this refuge. Thanks TG.
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