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  • Police Simulator 10-13...

    I would say, based on this feature list... ambiguous, if I knew how to spell it... Thx god for spell check, lol...

    POLICE 10-13 | Features

    Interesting, but we will see... PC/XB1, and PS4.
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    Re: Police Simulator 10-13...

    I didn't see the "Mountains of Paperwork" simulation... or the "Standing ouside if Friggen Cold weather to direct traffic" mode..? Does it at least come with a few coupons for coffee? Geez.. Authenticity went out the window when they jumped on the consoles.. :row__539:
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      Re: Police Simulator 10-13...

      I imagine there will be plenty of opportunity to repetitiously control traffic. I for one, am super excited for this game. as far as complete authenticity... nobody wants that... in any game. I look forward to shootouts and car chases, as well as mundane patrolling through there (based on pre-alpha photos) rather beautiful scenescape.

      2 things I hope for: first, I really hope that most of the buildings/houses/warehouses etc. are all enterable. Second, I hope that the multiplayer community (here or otherwise), takes interest in the more realistic sides to this game (i.e. dispatching, patrols, and any other realism dynamic). in other words, I hope people play it as a sim, and not as a willy-nilly gun-running mad-house.
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        Re: Police Simulator 10-13...

        So you want a virtual ATC dispatch type thing? Lol. I know we have some dispatchers around maybe they would be willing to help.


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          Re: Police Simulator 10-13...

          damn, how did this slip under my game radar o.o
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