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Original Half Life and Counter Stike.

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  • Original Half Life and Counter Stike.

    Am I an old man because I remember playing half life when it came out. Then opposing force and blue shift?

    Am I an old man because I remember somehow stumbling upon this mod called Counter Strike in the .3/.4/.5 days?

    I remember when the guns were actually named after their real world counter parts, before they had to change them.

    It seems so long ago, those lan parties and late nights just burning through levels like dust, the one with the airplane.

    Am I an old man... because I remember playing the demo for a game that would revolutionize First Person Shooter gameplay called Battlefield 1942?

    Did anyone else play the Desert Combat mod? Remember that?

    Look, I was born in 81, I remember playing space quest and kings quest and realize there are others who have played games earlier than that, but I feel like I witnessed alot of history in my 33 years on this planet.

    All of that lead up to me being a part of Tactical Gamer.

    I wouldn't want to feel like anything other than an old man if it didn't happen this way.

    I bring this on because I spoke to a friend of mines son this evening who looked at me in a puzzled way when I mentioned a game called, wolfenstein.

    It made me feel old, but not sad =)

    Random Props to a Tactical Gamer named ChiefBoatsRec. He made my signature pic AND my avatar. *Salute*

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    Re: Original Half Life and Counter Stike.

    I am an old man because I ran straight to the PONG console while my Mom shopped in Sears. (mid 70's) We could not afford to buy one, but thankfully, my Mom really liked shopping at Sears! It's where she bought my Garanimals! :)

    From there I ran to the Radio Shack while my Mom shopped for groceries, so that I could play Star Trek (written in Basic) where the Enterprise was an E and the Klingon ships were represented by a K!

    Finally, after joining the Army in the early 80's, I purchased my first Commodore 64 and no longer had to stand in retail stores to play games! Now I could join Q-Link and the world of online gaming came alive for me! Well, not really alive per say as I was using a 300 Baud Rate Modem! :P

    Early games then were such titles as the original Castle Wolfenstein (Schweinhund!), F-15 Strike Eagle, Nato Commander, Silent Service, and Battletech! Ahhhhhh, those where the days! Getting yelled at by my wife as I drove an M1 Tank across the German countryside, which was only fitting as I was a Tank Crewman in the Army! But she didn't buy it! Now, nearly 30 years later, she is numb to my gaming and leaves me alone! SUCCESS!

    Yes.... I am an Old Man.......


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      Re: Original Half Life and Counter Stike.

      I feel old sometimes when I think back to all the awesome games I played when I was younger - and the sheer fact that today's generation will never understand or experience that experience. Granted, I'm in my late 20's, but I grew up with some of the classics that either defined a genre, or completely reinvented a wheel or were classic originals that are revered in nostalgic hindsight in the game world.

      I was there in the early 90's when games like Doom and Mortal Kombat were all the rage (and super controversial). I grew up in the 8 bit and 16 bit era. I remember going toe-to-toe with my uncle and my dad in countless rounds of Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Streets of Rage, Battletoads and Super Punch Out on Sega Genesis and NES. I remember one frosty Christmas morning, a wee Drummer bounding down the stairs to the living room at some ungodly hour, and beholding the sight of a Sega Genesis console in front of the living room TV - hooked up and ready to go, courtesy of "Santa". Then my dad going out to the car and coming back inside with a Mortal Kombat cartridge. I must have slammed that cartridge in the console so fast. I feel old looking back on that.

      I was there when Goldeneye 007 broke out and changed the face of FPS games and multiplayer - though we didn't realize it until years and years later. I feel old looking back on that.

      I remember going to the video store on Friday nights to rent games and strolling up and down the aisles, looking at all the boxes. Sometimes the box art alone sold me. Not many people understand that joy these days. Which is how I discovered Metal Gear Solid. Knew nothing about the game, other than what I read and saw on the back of the box. Took a chance and rented it and it remains, to this day, my favorite stealth action series.

      My first computer was an Apple/Macintosh. I can't tell ya what version it was because I can't remember for the life of me. It had a floppy drive in it and that was it. It was one of the horizontal cases. Then, we discovered CD-ROM and it was like stepping into the space age. Early games on that were F/A-18 Hornet, Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far, Damage Inc (which was a fun FPS.....), Duke Nukem, Quake, Doom, the Warcraft series (when it was still strictly an RTS game) Starcraft and Diablo (memory is kinda fuzzy on those two......I may have had those when I went to Windows.) Dial-up internet was still the standard back then.

      I was still a pre-teen/teenager when I switched to Windows. Early games on that were Quake, Unreal Tournament, America's Army, Delta Force, Rainbow Six (the original!), the early CoD games (when it was still WWII themed) and a bunch of freeware/demo games that were either downloaded, or installed from PC Magazine discs.

      Then, I discovered Battlefield 2 and it was all over. Sometime in 2005/2006, somebody installed a copy of BF2 on several of the computers in the school computer lab and kids in class would play against each other over the network during class. Once I got wind of it and saw the game in action, I was hooked and took part in the mischief. Needless to say, computer class was my favorite class for awhile. I acquired my own copy of the game for home and ended up burning away a good portion of two summer vacations and countless weekend nights in between the mountain of hours that I put into BF2 and Project Reality.

      These are some of the glory days for me. These are some of the things that make me feel a bit old. But as I always say.....age is only a number. Game on, my friends.

      That one drummer guy who spins his hair and hits things with sticks



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        Re: Original Half Life and Counter Stike.

        It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.
        "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw


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          Re: Original Half Life and Counter Stike.

          Well played Randy, well played.




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