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  • Games on my wishlist

    Well made a huge list of games that are on my wishlist - These games are either out, or are coming out. Enjoy!!!

    Space Pirates & Zombies 2
    Elite: Dangerous
    Killing Floor 2
    Grand Theft Auto V
    Offworld Trading Company
    Pandora: First Contact
    Magika 2
    The Witcher 3
    Craft the World
    Europa Universalis IV
    Grey Goo
    Galactic Civilization III
    State of Decay – Lifeline
    Distant Stars: Revenant Fleet
    Running With Rifles
    Star Ruler 2
    Payday 2: The Overkill Pack
    Star Wars: Empires at War - Gold Edition
    Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War – Dark Crusade
    King Arthur’s Gold
    Evochron Mercenary
    There Came an Echo
    The Last Federation
    Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator
    Star Ruler
    Payday 2: The Diamond Heist
    Styx: Master of Shadows
    Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
    Stranded Deep
    Sunless Sea
    Carmegeddon: Reincarnation
    Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
    Road Redemption
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Dawnguard
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Hearthfire
    Mirror’s Edge
    From the Depths
    Halo: Spartan Assault
    Interstellar Marines
    This War of Mine
    Medieval Engineers
    Turbo Dismount
    Door Kickers
    Frozen Cortex
    Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball
    Savage Lands
    Frozen State
    Dying Light
    Rainbow Six: Siege
    Tom Clancy’s: The Division
    Armored Warfare
    Act of Aggression
    Star Citizen
    Limit Theory
    Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void
    EverQuest: Next
    Star Wars: Battlefront
    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
    Mirror’s Edge 2
    Mad Max
    No Man’s Sky
    Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade
    World of Diving
    Cyberpunk 2077
    Mass Effect 4
    Fractured Space
    Shallow Space
    Homeworld: Shipbreakers
    Eve: Valkyrie
    Call to Arms
    Galactic Princess
    Clockwork Empires
    Kingdom Under Fire II
    Spellforce III

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    Re: Games on my wishlist

    To save space, next time why don't list the games that aren't on your wishlist instead?

    I will point out that Stranded Deep is (arguably) a near-total ripoff of the Stranded series of island survival games by Peter Schauß, even having the gall to go with the same name. I'd encourage you to keep an eye on Stranded III as well. (The first two Stranded games were released as freeware)

    I wouldn't bother with From the Depths currently either, unless you find it dirt-cheap. Nick Smart has put a ton of features in (and listens pretty well to feedback), but the Unity engine does NOT like what he is doing. I think a strongly built voxel physics game may require a custom engine like Space Engineers. I get severe lag even with reasonably sized ships.

    Sunless Sea is great, but really, really, don't get it unless you are getting it for the narrative and the narrative alone. It has a massive amount of travel time (which can add to the atmosphere, but after hours upon hours... it grates) and the progression is horridly slow. The narrative choices and exposition are excellent, but the combat is totally worthless and after many hours of playing and finally unlocking a better ship and exploring most of the ocean... I'm coming to the conclusion that to beat the game requires either studying the wiki and spoiling a large part of the game, or playing through _many_ times in order to figure out how everything works, and what choices you have to pick to get what you want. Given that I've put over 8 hours into my _first_ playthrough... no. I can't imagine starting over and working my way through that again. The narrative is great like I said, but you can only read the same text so many times.

    Some others to consider for your list:

    Hotline Miami 2 (and the first if you haven't gotten it, it is fan-fricking-tastic)
    Hand of Fate (If you're into card/rpg games, it seems really neat. I'll get it if it pops up for cheap)
    Life is Feudal (might be worth keeping an eye on)
    Kingdom Come: Deliverance (My personal choice for worst-title-of-all-time, also worth keeping an eye on. This will be something very, very special if it all works out.)
    Life is Strange (Haven't played, but after I played Gone Home, I think I might be a sucker for this stuff. Wait, you haven't played Gone Home? Well let me tell you... embrace your inner teenage girl and prepare for feels.)
    Darkest Dungeon (RPG where managing your party's sanity, sins, and vices is half the battle? Sounds fun.)
    Lethal League (From what I've seen, bonkers fun to play with friends.)
    World of Warships (Sell what's left of your soul to WarGaming.)
    The Talos Principal (From what I've heard it's good, though not Portal-good. The price point is surprisingly high unfortunately.)
    Teamwork and Tactics are OP

    Strait /strāt/ (Noun) A narrow passage of water connecting two seas or two large areas of water: "the Northumberland Strait".


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      Re: Games on my wishlist

      Well most of those games are on my steam wishlist, but I would like to own them without buying them lol. Just like Medieval Engineers, I own Space Engineers but if someone gets me Medieval Engineers I wouldn't turn it down. Same goes for a few of the games on that list.


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        Re: Games on my wishlist

        Life is Feudal (might be worth keeping an eye on)
        Already own it, just waiting a while till I see more development

        World of Warships (Sell what's left of your soul to WarGaming.)
        Already part of the closed beta

        I recently bought

        Cities: Skylines
        Pillars of Eternity
        Stonehearth (well xmas present)
        Stardrive 2


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          Re: Games on my wishlist

          oh it was called Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War – Eternal Crusade, not Dark Crusade lol




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