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    It's been a hot minute since I've bothered the General Forums with anything from Elite: Dangerous, but there have been some significant improvements that have happened, and some that have yet to be applied that I think the general audience should know about. Especially for those who've been sitting on the fence on whether or not to get this game.

    The "Wings" update really brought cooperative gameplay to shine! [Link]
    It allowed people to share bounties and rewards for missions, among things it did. With the limited time I've been able to play, I can say this alone boosted the fun factor up to mach 5! Working together with a wing to take down the Mighty Anaconda and get a huge bounty was thrilling! It was immensely fun and I would recommend the game based on this alone!


    They will soon be releasing the "Powerplay" update! [Link]
    This one is going to add many more improvements to the core game like:
    • Adding two new ships to the game! The Diamondback and the Imperial Courier!
    • Drones
    • Mining is about to get exciting
    • And they will be adding much to the background simulation including the ability to join Powers! This one is far too complex to explain here, so go ahead and hit that link above!

    And all of the updates have been free! No pay for DLC here so far!

    For you people who refuse to join the "PC master race", they will soon be releasing the game for Mac, and they have plans to release the game for the XBox One!

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