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If those hostages give you any lip you throw them out the window.

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  • [VIDEO] If those hostages give you any lip you throw them out the window.

    "In space, no one can hear you scream... unless you're transmitting on the right radiowave frequency"
    "The hull has been breached and the science is leaking out!"

    So the devs are making it so you can join 6 of the factions in spaz 2.
    Here is a posting for the Bandit Hives, Politics, and a Player Faction on their blog page - • View topic - Bandit Hives, Politics, and a Player Faction

    Also it looks like the game will not be coming out Q1 2015, it has been pushed back. here is what one of the devs said, but it looks like they going to release a demo to let people try to see if the game can run on their system.

    From Blorfy -
    Hi Everyone,

    I am thinking that we won't hit Q1, so I am writing this post as early in the year as I can. Sorry about the disappointment. We are not going to estimate when we will be done anymore until we are really solid on a date. It is just too much of a roller coaster for you and us. We are working as fast as we can while still trying to make SPAZ 2 the best it can be. We think that we are on to something amazing, and we can't bring ourselves to rush it out the door.

    From an estimation point of view, once we have all the game working and can complete a full play through with story we will let you all know right away. The big tasks left are integrating the story into the sandbox, hooking up faction relationship simulation (wars etc), tracking personal relationships (friends/enemies), finish bounty system, the tactics interface for combat, and building the multiplayer combat modes.

    Once all that is working, and before a beta/EA system. There will be a free compatibility demo. This will be for us to test multiplayer and system compatibility before people (play/pay for) the whole game. This will likely be an area combat mode and you will be able to get a taste of the combat.

    Then we fix the issues from the compatibility demo and also tune the heck out of the single player. I have also blocked off a few weeks to make an attempt at online coop.
    Once that is all done, we will then have some kind of beta/EA in what form is still to be determined. During this time we will also finalize the dialogue and hire voice actors.

    We will continue to be as transparent as we can with the design and please keep the great ideas coming!


    Game will have local coop but at some point they want to have online coop as well.

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    Re: If those hostages give you any lip you throw them out the window.

    I must say SPAZ 1 was a terrific game given the $20 asking price. And SPAZ 2 is looking even better at this point. I've actually come to expect these "we'll release when we get it right" delays. They did that for a couple of patches for SPAZ to allow time to work out additional bugs. Rather have a stable, fun release rather than a buggy one myself. Super excited for the co-op, both local and online! :D

    BTW, awesome quote!

    Edit: :/ Typed "terrible" instead of "terrific". Brain not working tonight.
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