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New Look at the Oculus Rift

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  • New Look at the Oculus Rift

    Oculus just published a blog article about the consumer version of the Rift. [Link]

    It's got a few pictures of it, and they've announced that they are releasing in Q1 2016. I think it looks cool, and I might get one when it comes out if I've got the money then.

    So who else is getting one?
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    Re: New Look at the Oculus Rift

    Kinda caught flatfooted between a Facebook product (complete with privacy/security concerns and flat out mistrust that the hardware is going to work because I remember "the facebook phone") and Valve (who have recently been in the process of trashing all their goodwill with me; paid mods, iffy eulas, looking through people's browser histories on cs:go to determine if they're hackers).

    The world is a strange place.


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      Re: New Look at the Oculus Rift

      Is it a waste of money at this point if I want the dev kit to just play around with whats out? :( looks so dang cool


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        Re: New Look at the Oculus Rift

        Well, the Occulus Rift is pretty cool. I've used the dev kit 1 before.

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          Re: New Look at the Oculus Rift

          As long as FB doesn't track where I go with it . . . wink . . . then I might get one too.

          Plus, TrackIR is working just fine for me at the moment.


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            Re: New Look at the Oculus Rift

            Does anyone here need me to actually say I'll have at least one. LOL
            Forewarned is Forearmed


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              Re: New Look at the Oculus Rift

              Will it support eyeglasses? If not, then I won't be interested in buying one.
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