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  • Elite Dangerous CQC Mode

    As a few of you may know, Elite is going to Xbox 1. The Xbox 1 version gives a mode called CQC, where 12 players are going head to head in small ships in 3 known modes. deathmatch, 6v6 team deathmatch, and Capture the Flag. It is also confirmed that it will feature a player flyable F-63 Condor, and it will come to PC on Holiday (being from america I don't know when this is, but it is still vague) I think this would be a perfect mode for us to show our skill and have a straight up good time. What do you guys think of it?

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    Re: Elite Dangerous CQC Mode

    I saw the trailer and I thought it looked neat. However, it looked pre-rendered so we'll see how it actually plays when it eventually comes out for PC.

    I am more excited, though, about the prospect of being able to play with XBox players! Mac and PC players can already play with each other, and they've already stated that the galaxy's will all be the same in the respect of all the changes effected by players and curated by the devs. It would be awesome to have a single player-base that can play with each other!

    P.S. Just a note, we do have Elite: Dangerous sub-forums where you could put this! (Where I will be putting the trailer for this)
    P.P.S. Another note, there is an Console sub-forum too! (I'll be posting a link to the trailer there as well ;))

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