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Armored Warfare EA 3 avail July 1st

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  • Armored Warfare EA 3 avail July 1st

    EU Server:
    5pm - 11pm CEST on weekdays
    non-stop on weekends

    NA Server:
    7pm – 1am ET on weekdays
    non-stop on weekends

    Added Tier 8 vehicles to Dealer Trees
    Added 'Lowest' setting to graphic options to support more dual core CPUs, as well as some older GPUs
    Added further optimizations to improve performance for all players
    Decals are now available to add to vehicles
    Player versus Environment (PvE) mode: Missions are now available (in easy, medium and hard difficulty)

    Patch size: approximately 6 GB

    To get into the third test players can be randomly selected from the Early Access sign-ups base, win a key in one of the giveaways, or get guaranteed access to this and further tests, as well as early access to Open Beta and other advantages and rewards including premium and exclusive vehicles, by purchasing one of the three available Founder’s Packs. Players who already have the Early Access can download the client.

    Figured I would give everyone a heads up so they can try to get into the EA3. I got into it, and I am enjoying the scout line. Haven't tried light tanks, spgs, or tds yet. Didn't enjoy the heavy tanks too much. I've had soo much fun with the scouts, and they not a force to mess with. I was outgunned in my low level tier 3 scout, mostly heavy tanks in the battle. So no way i can take them on in a head to head battle, so I kept them spotted for my team, and I also kept some high priority targets designated with the laser. at the end of the round, I got 3rd place on the team, and i didn't fire 1 shell. I did take a few rounds from a tier 5 arty piece, he hit me directly (and he was 2 tier's higher than my scout) with an arty shell and it only did 160 damage to my tank (tank hps is 680) some module damage, but yes the arty in this game will not 1 shot you, but it can kill you if they are able to hit you atleast 5-6 times if you are in a scout tank. Also their arty rounds have a huge explosion radius. So if anyone sick of arty killing you at the start of the game (looks at Lpbronco) then you might want to try playing this game instead. Bronco, the arty will find a way to kill you first :P

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    Re: Armored Warfare EA 3 avail July 1st

    July 1st eh? Well then lets me get back into the game so to speak. :)

    I can't wait until they start doing the beta testing since then I'll be able to play my premium vehicles (part of the $70 Founder's Pack).
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      Re: Armored Warfare EA 3 avail July 1st

      I'm in. Hope to see yall in game.
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