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  • Dystopia crash

    I have been having a problem with dystopia crashing. In the middle of play I will hear a "windows bing," the game crashes and the windows cursor appears. Sometimes it is possible to press space to say OK to the error and get back to desktop.

    It doesn't happen every game, but it seems to be getting more frequent and just about annoying enough to stop me playing.

    There are several threads and lots of posts on this issue on the dystopia forums but I can't post as I get an error there too.

    The know issue thread lists the "memory cannot be read" bug as rare and caused by an animation glitch

    However Teddy seems to think:

    "I've trapped the cause of this bug, it occurs when you're within visibility of a spawn area, and a heavy player respawns. about 1 in 1000 times, it causes an animation error in the source engine."

    But clearly this is happening outside spawn areas. It has happened to me all over maps.

    Anyone else having similar problems?

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    Re: Dystopia crash

    Originally posted by ----paranoid----
    Try adjusting the settings on your video card, I got this when I first started playing, but after lowering the settings it was ok.

    Set them all to defualt, maybe that will help
    I had already set all my settings low except for trilinear filtering. When I changed this to bilinear filtering it seemed to do the trick.

    EDIT: didn't fix it entirely but made it less common.
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    Play EVE online. It's like being an accounting addict in space.


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      Re: Dystopia crash

      I actually get this same error in anything running the source engine. Playing with my video settings fixed it, though I'd be hard pressed to say which specific adjustment did the trick.
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