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Zano drone... then the lily...

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  • Zano drone... then the lily...

    Imagine my surprise when I got a e-mail this AM telling me that my kickstarter Zano drone is shipping.

    I had forgotten all about it, contributed to their kickstarter program almost 2 years ago...and now finally getting it. Hope it works as well as they claim...

    and then that's not all, haven't forgotten about this one that I pre-ordered a few months ago, and it comes out early 2016.

    hope this works as advertised too. (Probably wouldn't of jumped on this one if I would of remembered the other one. lol)
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    Re: Zano drone... then the lily...

    Looks very interesting - assuming they work as good as advertised. Would very much like to hear your thoughts on the Zano, once you've tried it out.


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      Re: Zano drone... then the lily...

      Hmm, it's cool. Maybe a cheap-ish price? I wonder how long it can stay up in the air.
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