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  • Primer?

    So I had logged in and created an account quite a while ago, just logged in again because I keep getting booted off of the NS2 server due to reserved slots.

    I am prompted to do this and find this thread.

    There is a vital new thread in the General Forum regarding our rules and philosophies entitled "The TGNS Primer".

    Reading and agreeing to the thread (by means of instructions in the thread) will replace forum registration as a means of registering for the server (that is, to remove the question mark icon from your name).

    Said link in the thread above does not bring me to the primer, searches on primer (in the general forum) don't find anything so I am kind of at a loss here.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: Primer?

    Here ya go bud


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      Re: Primer?

      The fast and short, some site links have been changed:

      You can find the Primer at the following links:
      News and Announcements -> Tactical Gamer Official Announcements -> Tactical Gamer Primer

      As for the link on the previouse post: NS admin please cheak each link and update them to the current ones. ( [MENTION=117]Pokerface[/MENTION], [MENTION=8124]aeroripper[/MENTION], [MENTION=38]Wyzcrak[/MENTION], [MENTION=6]jack^[/MENTION] )

      Thanks :)

      (6..~)Z Z z z....


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        Re: Primer?

        [MENTION=36547]Dredge[/MENTION] Thank you for the assist.

        [MENTION=14750]vts[/MENTION] Will do. Thank you for the help.


        Is this the text you saw?

        "You (ScuNioN) do not have a reserved slot. See 'Reserved Slots logic change' forum thread for details."

        If so, searching the forums for "Reserved Slots logic change" returns this thread: , and that has the information you need to have your reserved slot. If you have any questions, let us know.
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