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For Honour "Vision" Trailer - Gasmescom 2015

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  • [VIDEO] For Honour "Vision" Trailer - Gasmescom 2015

    [MENTION=31171]Axis_Sniper[/MENTION], I know you want this!

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    Re: For Honour "Vision" Trailer - Gasmescom 2015

    I wanna be excited, it looks good. It has stances and I'm hoping multi-directional attacks/blocking. I'm kinda upset you haven't posted Bannerlord's Gamescon video. No no, I am upset. How dare you.


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      Re: For Honour "Vision" Trailer - Gasmescom 2015

      I'm trying to get my head around this. Does this mean I can be a Viking, a friend could be a Templar Knight, and [MENTION=28725]E_Leader[/MENTION] can be a Japanese Samurai and the three of us can fight alongside each other or against each other? Or am I just hoping for too much here?

      I love all of the developers and producers and management trying to hype up the game by saying it isn't "a typical fighter game", "not a brawler only", etc. From the limited gameplay, I'm not seeing anything really unique, new, or "wow I want that" vibe.
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        Re: For Honour "Vision" Trailer - Gasmescom 2015

        As HitManHey said in the YouTube comments, "I never give two [expletive] what a developer has to say about their own game... heard to much [expletive] to many times before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

        That said,

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