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Elite: dangerous Horizons beta meet up

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  • Elite: dangerous Horizons beta meet up

    I already posted this in the Ed subgroup, but it got no replies so I figured I would post it here as well.

    I know another thread is up about horizons, but I want to try and organize a mass TG planetary landing and fight once the beta is released. The most convenient time for me is on the weekend, either Saturday or Sunday. I am on the US east cost, and I am available from 9 AM to 7 PM Eastern time.

    What we will need is to find a planet/moon that we can all get to it relatively quick, and it would be best if it had a large starport in orbit so most or all of us will be able to get set there. My reccomendation is LTT 17102 at velazquez ring, as it is a coriolis station in a close orbit of an airless moon orbiting a gas giant with rings that have 3 Resource Extraction Sites. It is a high-tech station that has almost everything, and a huge selection of ships in the shipyard. It is an independent system under no power at the moment. It may be far for some, as it is at the edge of federal Powerplay zone. It is a little known system that barely sees player traffic, and those are passing through. The station is on average 660 LS from the arrival star, so it won't be a long SC time to get there.

    If you have another place, please post the station name, system, and distance from arrival point, and I'll have a look at it.



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