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Discussion - Our Future and Plea to the Community

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  • [INFO] Discussion - Our Future and Plea to the Community

    This is the discussion thread for the latest announcement - "Tactical Gamer - Our Future and Plea to the Community"
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    Re: Discussion - Our Future and Plea to the Community

    As a supporting member who has managed to maintain this even during lengthy periods of unemployment, I will not and cannot imagine myself playing without this Band of Brothers at my side. This community has been a lifeline and I've even had a member trek from Australia to New York who took the time to stop by my home because of the relationships gaming with TG has created. I will post a donation today.
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      Re: Discussion - Our Future and Plea to the Community

      For those who are reading this thread but haven't the announcement, it is linked here.

      Thank you.


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        Re: Discussion - Our Future and Plea to the Community

        Renewing my subscription today. I let it lapse recently and haven't spent time getting it up to date. Will rectify that post haste.

        What is our time line here boss?
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          Re: Discussion - Our Future and Plea to the Community

          I've been a SM for 10 years, so I can't imagine not having TG to call home. It is so great having a place where I can game with friends I met right here and know that I will continue to make new ones as well. Even though I am unemployed (yes, that's why I'm playing more often) I'm sending a donation now.

          I plan to make mention of this in-game today (BF4) to remind everyone of the need to step-up and support the community that is so important to so many. There isn't anywhere else quite like this, that provides and values the gameplay and maturity that we all want. A monetary donation is a small thing to ask when the game itself costs nothing once you consider the hundreds (or more!) of hours of entertainment it provides.

          Here's a short-cut to the membership page, because you can't have too many.
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            Re: Discussion - Our Future and Plea to the Community

            TG still has a lot to offer. Yesterday saw our first day of hosting a full time SQUAD server. Please consider renewing your SM or starting one if you've never had one to help support our efforts to bring you great games like SQUAD in a mature, teamwork orientated environment.

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              Re: Discussion - Our Future and Plea to the Community

              Great to see so many people who call this home, just as I do.

              Been a TG guy for nearly 9 years, this is home - will donate tonight.
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                Re: Discussion - Our Future and Plea to the Community

                I haven't been playing much (if any) this year. I'm working on freeing up my evenings again, and TG has to be here when that happens.

                Looks like its time to go Platinum.


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                  Re: Discussion - Our Future and Plea to the Community

                  Only been an SM for my recent 2 out of 6-ish years here. As said, this is the community I call home on our little nook of the internet. Will send donation.

                  Thanks again administration for all your work, as a member I truly appreciate it.
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                    Re: Discussion - Our Future and Plea to the Community

                    Originally posted by draeh View Post
                    Looks like its time to go Platinum.
                    Good idea. I think I'll join you.
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                      Re: Discussion - Our Future and Plea to the Community

                      I have re-instated my platinum membership.

                      Like many of you, I am a lifer at TG and damn proud of it.

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                        Re: Discussion - Our Future and Plea to the Community

                        A sad tale of foreboding:

                        I sadly watched as my former gaming groups dispersed over the years (CoFR and FoCA).

                        In our heyday (back at the turn of the century) we ran CS and DoD servers that were packed just about every evening. And like TG , we offered heavily moderated servers and were quick to punish offenders , which resulted in high quality game play.

                        Pleas , for the most part , for financial assistance to help support the servers went unanswered because the vast majority of players were of the opinion that they could play for free because the servers were readily available. They were unaware of the true cost of maintaining a "free to play on" server , which we were supporting out of our own pockets. Eventually , for economic reasons , we simply had to turn the servers off.

                        Without gaming servers to attract new members , the clubs gradually fell into decline until only a few of us dedicated members were left and kept in touch with each other.

                        So , if you don't want to see TG reduce services , possibly go the way of CoFR and FoCA and want to maintain the high quality game play that has become a TG "trade mark", please consider contributing as much as you think you can afford, Every little bit will help (the voice of experience).
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                          Re: Discussion - Our Future and Plea to the Community

                          Other than a brief lapse in my subscription, I've been a SM since the first week I joined TG back in my BF2142 days. As you can see above me, quite a few of us have been SMs for years and years. So what's special that so many have continued to support the community? Why, it's the gameplay, members, atmosphere, common goals, and lots more! The way TG plays is what drew me to joining in the first place. Few servers and clans/communities out there offer the style, breadth, depth, experience, and fun that TG offers. From our focus on team tactics, squad work, in-game voice communications, and community members like [MENTION=8570]thegreatnardini[/MENTION], [MENTION=5303]TheBigC[/MENTION], [MENTION=11123]amu107.9[/MENTION], [MENTION=36161]Al Lunn[/MENTION], [MENTION=12199]Squinty[/MENTION], and others, we have become the premier community for mature gamers everywhere.

                          Join us. You won't regret a single moment. :)
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                            Re: Discussion - Our Future and Plea to the Community

                            I have made many friends through TG over the past decade. TG has stayed with me through many changes in life.

                            Thanks to you Aphophis for making this community and thanks to everyone that has volunteered their valuable time over the years.

                            I purchased the Squad deal six months ago, so I am a SM for another six months. PR relaunch didn't work out, and there are lots of reasons for that. Alright. We just started up with a new Squad server a few days ago. Awesome. Let's all get behind that and push it over the top.

                            However, there is a serious problem which I think is in the way of Squad going smoothly. There are lingering insecurities in the community about how the money is being used.

                            So, what I really want to suggest here, and ask for, is this: transparency.

                            Apophis, let us see the balance sheets I know you have in front of you right now.

                            Don't take this in any way other than a suggestion for what would help out the community. The more we know, the more we can help out. If there is good reason to not let us know, please say so.
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                              Re: Discussion - Our Future and Plea to the Community

                              I have been a supporting member since 2009 and just re-upped. All that is provided by TG has huge costs involved but you can play here for free if you like. They are asking for donations to help keep the doors open just as they have for 20 years. I f you like what they offer then try to help if you can. If After all these years you can not trust that you are not getting scammed or taken for a ride then I don't know what to tell you. I don't need to see no stinkin' books!




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