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My Thanks and Farewell to TG (for now)

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  • My Thanks and Farewell to TG (for now)

    To start off, I'd like to thank Unkl, B, MadSoloSniper, Connor, experiment, Dimitrius, and especially Noyava for being what I call the "head honchos" of the arma side of Tactical Gamer. They are the ones I usually find leading missions, starting events, and being great examples of what TG is all about. I have always been a fan of tactical/strategical gameplay, and since many of the arma servers lacked that I was extremely lucky to stumble across a TG server on a Tuesday. I greatly liked what I saw and signed up for some more. Now for the farewell part. I leave for boot camp to be trained as a US Marine at MCRD San Diego on the 11th of this month. After becoming a basically trained marine, I'll head to SOI. Afterwards, I'll head to BRC (basic reconnaissance course) to be trained as an 0321 Recon Marine. I hope to return, on a somewhat regular basis, to this community after those final months of training and settling down in my unit are over. Having to wait in the delayed entry program for months and being graduated from high school early, Tactical Gamer's arma community has helped scratch my desire to be in the military to some extent. Again, I'd like to thank the community for being a great group of guys to blow some time with. I'm open to any questions you may have for me, and I'll do my best to respond to them. Thanks.
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    Re: My Thanks and Farewell to TG (for now)

    Good luck on the career path, it does seem like an interesting one. I have enjoyed playing with you ever since I first saw you on the server although I haven't been around much lately now. Sounds like you will be teaching me a thing or two when and if you get back ;)
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      Re: My Thanks and Farewell to TG (for now)

      Well done, recruit.

      These next few months, there will be good days and there will be bad days.

      Good luck, see you when you get back.

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        Re: My Thanks and Farewell to TG (for now)

        Thanks big time MrCherubim its been a pleasure playing with you these past few months and you've always been a great squad member, you will be missed but i wish you luck in your training and future and look forward to the day you return. Thank you for your service.



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          Re: My Thanks and Farewell to TG (for now)

          Best of luck with your future career and may I be bold in saying that you've chosen a path not many would dare to choose.

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            Re: My Thanks and Farewell to TG (for now)

            MrCherubim, been a pleasure gaming with ya and hope to see you back in-game on your next leave!! Congrats on the change and take care. Don't take our bad habits with ya ;) I can just imagine you looking for the "i" button to open your backpack!
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              Re: My Thanks and Farewell to TG (for now)

              MrCherubim, I will miss having you around and look forward to your eventual return! Our loss is the Marine's gain, so on the whole I don't feel too bad about your decision :)

              Be sure to stop back by when you have a chance to update us.


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                Re: My Thanks and Farewell to TG (for now)

                Hey MrCherubim, congrats on your acceptance! :) Thank you so much for contributing and playing with us in ARMA.
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                  Re: My Thanks and Farewell to TG (for now)

                  Cherub thanks for stepping up to to the plate and joining the USMC.

                  It's see you later not goodbye. Remember that.

                  You are a great addition to the TG community so make sure you come back before too long...and...feel free to lurk on the forums when you are feeling that extra pang for tac tuesday.

                  Cheers man.
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                    Re: My Thanks and Farewell to TG (for now)

                    Semper Fi brother.

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                      Re: My Thanks and Farewell to TG (for now)


                      Be safe, see you soon.

                      Always here for you my friend.





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