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Things are bad in Sandwhich land

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  • Things are bad in Sandwhich land

    So basically, for lack of better terms, life is ramming me up the you know what with no lube.

    Losing the house.

    My activity within TG will therefore be sporadic, there will likely be long periods of total inactivity. I just cannot predict how things are going to play out.

    Rest assured, with time I will be back.

    Until then, all the best.
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    Re: Things are bad in Sandwhich land

    God speed, Sandwhich. May you find your way out of the current situation. We await your return.

    Do keep us informed.


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      Re: Things are bad in Sandwhich land

      Dang dude, that sucks to hear.

      Hang in there man!

      Hopefully we get to see you again before too long. But do what you gotta do right now, we will all still be here when you are ready to return. That's the great thing about TG. It just always keeps going. And going. And going. :)

      I just set my battle station back up today, been in a box for a month or more while we were doing some other remodeling work, etc.

      So, one out, one back in. Except my KDR is nowhere near as good as yours, so I'm not sure it's a net gain for the outfit. :D
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