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How did you make your race for Stellaris?

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  • How did you make your race for Stellaris?

    Just wondering what people made for their races in stellaris..

    Used a steam guide to help me pick out my race. I wanted a high science race and i thought, my Kerbals were very good with science and rockets, and blowing things up!! :D

    Kerbal Interstellar Nation

    Intelligent: +10% Science Tile Yield
    Sedentary: +50% Migration Time, +33% Resettlement Cost
    Quick Learners: +25% Leader XP Gain

    Fanatic Materialist: +10% Science Tile Yield
    * Unique Building: [Institute] (+10% Tech Speed, +5 Science Yields, high upkeep) (++)
    * Unique Fanatic Edict: [Spirit of Science] (+20% Tile Science Yields) (++)
    * Unique Edict: [Map the Stars] (+25% Survey Speed, +10% Anomaly Generation Chance) (++)
    * Cannot get access to [Psionic] techs (-)
    * Can use [Synthetics] and approves of [Robot] Citizenship policies (+)
    * Unlocks Materialist type governments (++)
    Purpose: Science, Robots, Efficiency
    Comment: By far the best ethic choice you can make. Even only a single point gives you access to the best unique building in the game and a pretty good edict on top of that. Robots are a powerful way to increase the efficiency and pop growth of your empire (since they can grow parallel to your pops). The fact that you can go all the way to Synthetics (+20% base yield bonus, can be affected by happiness and burden edict) makes this an even better choice. Scientific governments are very strong.

    Science Directorate:
    * +1/+2 Research Alternatives
    * +1/+2 Empire Leader Capacity
    Tech options are extremely powerful during the early game. This is, hands down, the government that will you provide with the most consistency throughout the early and mid game. Yes, you could get something with more research speed, but getting good tech options is actually WAY more important. If you ever had to wait a decade to get your Battleship tech, you know what I am talking about. The advanced version isn't that relevant, since there aren't that many vital late game techs and you already got +1 Research Alternative from a computer tech. The extra leader capacity is nice, but nothing too important.

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    Re: How did you make your race for Stellaris?

    ... I really need to get this game.

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