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A joke I can't tell without busting a gut at the punch line..

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  • A joke I can't tell without busting a gut at the punch line..

    You may have heard it but just in case...enjoy..

    A young woman goes into a sporting goods to buy her boyfriend his birthday present.

    She approaches the young man behind the counter for assistance and notices that he's blind. He asks if he can help and she says she's looking for a fishing pole and reel for her boyfriends birthday so he tells her where the best deals are and says that when she finds something , bring it back to him.

    So off she goes , finds a rod and reel and brings it back to the sales clerk.

    He tells her to drop it on the counter so he can identify it and price it out for her. Curious she does what she's told .. drops the rod and reel onto the counter.

    The salesman listens closely and feels the items , then announces: "that's a Diawa fiberglass rod and a Diawa spinning reel with 20 pound line for fresh water fishing and the price for the two of them comes to $49.95. A good deal".

    Sure enough that's what she had picked out. Amazed she pulled out her Visa card but dropped it on the floor. The salesman said "that sounds like a Visa card hitting the floor to me".

    Now she was truly amazed. As she bent down to retrieve the card , she let out a resounding fart.

    She wasn't the only one in the store so she consoled herself with the fact that the salesman would probably think that another customer had done it.

    He tallied up the total and presented her with the bill.

    "Wait a minute" she said." You told me the price was $49.95 and this bill is for $74.95!"

    wait for it...

    "That's right" said the clerk. "$49.95 for the fishing gear , $15.00 for the duck call and $10.00 for the bear repellent"

    About as bad as the "got any duck food" joke. :D
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    Re: A joke I can't tell without busting a gut at the punch line..

    Oh man...she got charged for passing gas. (I did not bust a gut at the end...)
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      Re: A joke I can't tell without busting a gut at the punch line..


      pretty funny
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