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The TG - LFG Thread

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  • The TG - LFG Thread

    Fellow TG'ers, this forum has been created and 'stickied' so that we can list the games we are playing, games we would like to play and enable us to better find other like minded players to team up with.

    Think of it as a form of LFG or 'Looking for Group' thead. The intent is to create a highly visible one stop shop for people to see who's playing what and when, bridging the gap between the general forums and more title specific ones and bringing the Community closer together.

    Below I've kicked the thread off and provided an example of the sort of format we think will work. The basic idea is to provide a little detail, list what games you play, what games you may be looking to get into, when you play etc.

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    Re: The TG - LFG Thread

    Name: Wicks
    Steam Nick: |TG-42nd| Wicks
    Uplay nick: TG-Wicks
    PSN nick: Wicks42

    Bio: I'm the Community Manager at TG and help out around the place. Been here about 10 years. Really enjoy tactical shooters, realism and teamwork. I also play a few games on PS4.
    Always happy to answer any questions about TG or help out newcomers to the Community.

    Currently playing:

    PC: Arma 3, Rainbow Six Siege, Squad, Fallout 4, Insurgency

    PS4: Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne, Fallout 4

    When: I'm UK based and usually on about 3/4 nights a week with the occasional weekend binge.
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      Re: The TG - LFG Thread

      Name: disposableHero (dispo for short - I won't tell you what my wife calls me)
      Steam Nick: |TG-X| Disposable

      Bio: I'm the Squad Game Officer at TG and leader of the 10th Tactical Guard (TG IHS). Prior to that I was the Game Officer (twice) for the Project Reality title.

      Currently playing:

      PC: Squad, GTA V, War Thunder, PR

      When: USA, Central timezone. Usually play for a few hours most weeknights and on more on the weekends. Almost always available via Discord and obviously the forums. On Teamspeak while in-game.

      "You milsim guys are ruining the game."
      |TG-42nd|Wicks-Today at 4:47 PM

      No it was fine mate I'm just an *******


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        Re: The TG - LFG Thread

        PlanetSide 2 nick:vtsINuk

        Currently playing:
        PlanetSide 2, Squad, Fallout 4, Insurgency, Natural Selection 2, XCOM2, GTAIV, H1Z1,

        I am one of many NCO/Officers for the Planetside 2 TG outfit. From the UK, I normally play from 2100 hours weekdays and can sometime been seen active past 0400 hours on weekends. I started with TG Team work, playing Counter Strike, and the HalfLife 2 Mod - Insurgency, NS1 and Natural Selection 2.

        I have currently been PlanetSide 2 for over two years and when I get the chance dabble with Squad and ARMA 3, although still very wet behind the ears with them.

        I have always Loved TG Teamwork and find it hard to match the dedication members of TG have anywhere else.

        As well as the forums I can also be reached on Discord or TeamSpeck TG channels while some users can contact me via steam

        Discord TG PS2 -

        (6..~)Z Z z z....


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          Re: The TG - LFG Thread


          Playing: ArmA 3, Insurgency
          Would like to play: FlightSimX (not interested in combat flight terribly)
          Desperately need help with: Squad

          I love the idea of Squad but so far my attempts have been thwarted by my own slow learning pace and unwillingness to squad lead or stay long with an unorganized team. I really need a good TG team to join and then learn the ropes with if I'm gonna crack that egg.

          Steam: Unkl or |TG189| Unkl (depends on if I've tried to connect to a flight sim group lately)

          Been playing ArmA for 7 years now and am now the Game Officer for Arma, so if anyone needs a hand getting into that you can hit me up, or just about any of us that play. We walk new players through the key binds all the time and all that. Love to have guests and will make sure to welcome you in.

          Also the Dean of Tactical Gamer University. We really need good instructors from our titles to join up and get some in-game training up and running. Contact me if you have candidates in mind or are interested. I'll work with the GO of our games and help set up Instructors as much as possible.

          My game time has been curtailed by RL recently but sometime in the fall I expect to get back to normal. Until then, I'm actually playing this game called "Gaming Admin Simulator" where you spend all your available game time running the behind the curtains stuffs. Ah well, I enjoy that game too.
          |TG-189th| Unkl
          ArmA 3 Game Officer
          Dean of Tactical Gamer University
          189th Infantry Brigade Member
          "We quickly advance in the opposite direction and take cover in a house on the SW side of town." - BadStache


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            Re: The TG - LFG Thread

            Name: Rudolf
            Steam Nick: |TG| woesterudolf

            Bio: I'm the Arma XO I work together with Unkl and the Arma admin team to run Arma here at TG. I have been with TG for almost 4 years and have been part off the Arma admin team for 3,5 off those years. I really enjoy playing games but my favorite by far is Arma

            Currently playing: Arma 3, Wargame red dragon, Elite Dangerous, Men of war assault squad, Insurgency, Hearts of Iron IV, Elite Dangerous, DCS, World of tanks (EU), World of Warships (EU).

            When: On different times throughout the week. This might be early morning or late at night. I'm in the Central European time zone.
            TG-189ᵀᴴ ArmaXO TGU Instructor


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              Re: The TG - LFG Thread

              Name: Solo (what they call me)
              Steam Nick: MadSoloSniper (same as XboX account name – ergo where it originated from)
              Uplay nick: If I knew what that was I’d tell you
              PSN nick: Same here – Nolo comprende

              Bio: Admin on the ArmA side of life and love it. Like the realistic nature of ArmA and mostly play that (vs. BF4 and the other adrenalin rush “Twitch” sims). Been with TG for some time and been an Admin on the team for a little less time than that. You can find me online most Tuesday nights and if not doing other stuff on the weekends then out on the Server on Sundays as well.

              Currently playing:
              ArmA 3 – the bulk of my gaming time is here. I’ve got limited time most days and try to get on for TacTuesdays, Redacted Thursdays, and some good mission / event time on Sundays.

              FS-X On Steam (also a HUGE MS-FS-ACOF pilot – so much so I founded a VATSIM Cargo airline with (at its height) about 85 pilots) We’d fly major and minor cargo routes around the globe and then have “event weekends” where we’d fly short hop flights into Africa, South America hill country, Alsaka (now there is some flying), Australia bush land cargo and a bunch of other places as well. Love to fly and am a real life Commercial Instrument rated pilot as well.

              Tomb Raider – All of them – yep I’m a sucker for a woman in tight shorts and . . . . . ;-)

              Adrift – trying to get that to work in VR

              DCS – some hielos, the A-10, and the P-51 (also a sucker for WWII aircraft)

              Homeworld – a small spread including the Deserts of Kharak (the new one).

              Looking for: More ArmA team mates to spend time in squad playing or playing while I’m Zeusing. Love me some good ArmA time.

              Where: Suburbs of Chicago (far West actually)

              When: US based with time in the evenings during the week and also some weekends (evenings). I’m up for announced missions and game time but usually need a week to plan it (Solo’s life is a busy one).


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                Re: The TG - LFG Thread

                Name: SirNerd (most call me Nerd)
                Steam Nick: sirnerd

                Bio: Been here since the CSS/PR:Bf2 0.6/BF2142 days, been part of the Irr, the 8th (2142 IHS, disbanded), and now the 6th. Some of the fellas here knew me before my voice cracked. Love armor, and shooters, target shooting, and gaming in general. I have been MIA for the past few years due to college and my first job working 2nd shift. Since i am now unemployed/job hunting, i hope to become more involved again.

                Currently playing:
                Overwatch Late nights, tho i hope to game at better times now

                BF4 - Occasionally whipping up the public servers since whenever i'm on the TG server is quiet

                Heroes of the Storm Used to be a DOTA player, back in the day, do this for lighthearted fun

                The Stock Market Penny trading is basically a fancy way of gambling

                Tabletop Games via Roll20 Playing with my friends from high school and college tends to eat up my weekends

                Looking for: Someone to help me get into Arma3, and Squad, I have had both games since their respective releases, and have only 30 minutes in both, due to my Job being a social life killer.

                Where: Near Cleveland, Ohio

                When: Evenings in general now, aside from Jeapordy with the Grandma

                My Resume includes Pirate, Mercenary, and a Devil Dog, what else do you want.

                Pain is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional.

                When you can't run anymore, you crawl and when you can't do that, you find someone to carry you.


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                  Re: The TG - LFG Thread :-)

                  Name: ScratchnSniff0
                  Steam Nick: |TG18th| ScratchnSniff0

                  Bio: I'm the Game Officer for the Elite: Dangerous Community here at TG. I've been here since the heyday of BF2142, to which I seriously miss. I enjoy playing almost anything aside from Facebook games, card games, etc. I do not own a console nor do I plan to. As with the others, I am happy to answer any question I can for TG or for Elite: Dangerous.

                  Currently playing:

                  PC: Elite:Dangerous(obviously), Star Citizen, Space Engineers(I run my own dedi), Fallout 4, Brutal Doom, BF4

                  When: I'm from York, Pennsylvania, and usually I am on anywhere from 7:00 P.M. E.S.T to 12:00 A.M. E.S.T. almost everyday. This will change in the future though as college is coming up next week.

                  "Quando omni flunkus moritati" -Red Green Show
                  [Link to my Youtube!] [Link to my Twitch!]


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                    Re: The TG - LFG Thread

                    Name: MPL TRACE

                    Steam Nick: MPL TRACE/ |TG|MPL TRACE

                    Bio: I've been a member of this great community for little more than a year, and I've joined the Arma Admin team about 2 months ago. I used to play only on single player mode but one day decided to try multiplayer and while looking servers I found TG, suffice it is to say the search was over.
                    Feel free to contact me through Steam, TS or the forums for anything related to Arma or if you just want to practice spanish :)

                    Playing: ArmA3.

                    When: I'm from Argentina(all the way South ;) ), usually I play 3/4 times a week(from 6PM EDT onwards], and more hours on the weekends. We have great events coming soon, the perfect way to meet new people.
                    |MPL TRACE|


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                      Re: The TG - LFG Thread

                      Name: Dredge
                      Steam Nick: TGDredge
                      Uplay nick: TGDredge
                      PSN nick: TGDredge

                      Bio: I'm the one and only mythical Dredge. Been here for 7 years, and have enjoyed every second of it. I have been an Admin, and a GO and have enjoyed giving back to the community that has given me so much.
                      Currently playing:

                      PC: Rainbow Six: Siege, ArmA 3, BF4, War Thunder and maybe about to dabble in WoT again.

                      PS4: The Division

                      When: I am on just about every night, several hours at a time. I am most times lurking in the TS so hit me up!


                      KnyghtMare ~You could always tell the person holding the gun to your head you would like to play on a different server...


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                        Re: The TG - LFG Thread

                        Name: Noyava
                        Steam Nick: Noyava

                        Bio: I came for the ArmA, stayed for the awesome people found here.

                        Currently playing:

                        PC: ArmA 3, Rainbow 6 Siege, Squad (occasionally), and whatever else is the flavor of the week.

                        When: USA, Central timezone. On most afternoons, and occasionally evenings. I can be found on the ArmA server on Tuesday like clockwork :) If I'm playing you can find me in TS 90% of the time. Always looking for more people to play ArmA and R6:Siege.


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                          Re: The TG - LFG Thread

                          Name: LowSpeedHighDrag
                          Steam Nick: LowSpeed
                          Uplay nick: none
                          PSN nick: none

                          Bio: Don't know how long I've been with TG, enough to consider it a home.

                          Currently playing:

                          PC: Arma 3, World of Warships, Squad (not yet played properly), Insurgency, other single players games.

                          When: GMT, but online during late EST time as well as some binge late hours.

                          Feel free to look me up on Steam or TS to get a game going.

                          TGU Instructor TG Pathfinder

                          Former TGU Dean Former ARMA Admin Former Irregulars Officer

                          "Do not seek death. Death will find you. But seek the road which makes death a fulfillment." - Dag Hammarskjold


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                            Re: The TG - LFG Thread

                            Name: Acreo_Aeneas
                            Steam: acreoaeneas
                            UPlay: Acreo_Aeneas
                            PSN: N/A

                            Quick Bio

                            I've been around these parts for about 10 years. I enjoy the tactical play style at TG mixed in with our use of real world tactics and strategies. The people here are just awesome!

                            Gaming Profile

                            Currently I work way too many hours every week and am not on much except for weekends. With that in mind I'm currently enjoying:
                            + GTA Online
                            + Battlefield 4
                            + World of Tanks
                            + Killing Floor 2
                            + Planetside 2
                            + Armored Warfare
                            + Rainbow Six: Siege
                            + Space Engineers
                            + Minecraft

                            (Also play Nerf in real life...its that awesome!)
                            |TG-18th| Acreo Aeneas
                            TG World of Tanks Clan Executive Officer
                            Former 9th & 13th

                            Pronounciation: Eh-Cree-Oh Ah-Nay-Ess
                            Still can't say it? Call me Acorn then. -.-

                            SSDs I Own: Kingston HyperX 3K (240 GB), Samsung 840 Pro (256 GB), Samsung 840 EVO (250 GB), Samsung 840 x 2 (120 GB), Plextor M5S (120 GB), OCZ Vertex (30 GB)

                            TG Primer and Rules


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                              Re: The TG - LFG Thread

                              Name: Capucinobob

                              Bio:BF4 admin.

                              Currently playing:

                              BF4. Sooon BF1 !

                              When: Usually late evening and weekends EST.

                              Several have mentioned the days of 2142. Hoping to re-create that awesomeness in BF1.

                              " See you on the battlefield !"

                              *New to TG Start Here !*BF4 Server Rules !*Battlefield 4 at TacticalGamer !




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