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What Stellaris Mods You Think make the game better?

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  • What Stellaris Mods You Think make the game better?

    Here is my list of mods that make the game play better, or make the game have more of a beautiful look to it -

    Subdued Borders - Makes it so borders are easily noticeable from each other

    Increased Research Window Size - Increases the size of the window to see more, does not add extra choices. Just makes it so you don't have to scroll to see the other options that you had avail.

    Asset Tracker - Allows the option to track certain planets for you. Tomb Worlds, Gaia Planets, Large Planets, etc.

    Nights on Planets - Retexture mod that make planet's city lights look more natural & realistic.

    Real Distance - Scales the distances in the solar system. Combat ranges/speeds tweaked significantly (to give bigger ships a stronger role in fleet composition)

    Stellaris+ [Events Module] - Adds new events for a better mid-game experience.

    Civilian Trade - The philosophy behind this mod is to make the galaxy feel a little more alive and active with ships moving between systems by themselves doing their own thing.

    Reduce Aura Graphics - This mod will remove all the unnecessary graphical effects created by aura modules such as the shield dampener and shows only a faint glow on affected ships.

    Improved Space Battles [Graphics] - (ISB) attempts to improve both the visuals and gameplay of ingame Stellaris's space battles.

    Music Pack - Some new music for your space conquering. 66 Tracks at the moment. (Music from Alienhand, Endless Space, Eve Online, Mass Effect, Interstellar, TRON: Legacy, Serenity, XCOM, Deus Ex, etc.) (Here is a list of all the songs the music packs adds to the game - ).

    More AI Personalities - MAP introduces new AI personalities to your game, adding more diversity to your playthroughs. There are a wide range of new personalities, ranging from warmongers to peace-lovers. Some have real-world/historical inspirations, others are based on fictional ones, yet others are completely made up.

    Beautiful Universe v2.0 - This mod changes vanilla skyboxes, making it more colorful and beautiful. As references were used NASA photos, EVEOnline skybox, and various digital art.

    New Ship Classes & More v2.5 - This mod adds new ship classes to the game and makes a few other tweaks and additions. These changes affect all vanilla playable races in the game. New Ship Classes: Frigate, Strike Cruiser, Battlecruiser, Light Carrier, Carrier, Dreadnought, Flagship, Science Cruiser, Fleet Support Ship. Battlecruisers, Light Carriers, Carriers, and Dreadnoughts have 4 sections each, and the Flagship and Fleet Support Ship have 5 sections each.

    UI Overhaul 1080p - This mod is for use on 1920x1080 resolution or higher. Extends all windows with scroll bars to minimize that annoyance.

    More Events Mod - Adds more anomalies, events or crisis to mid to late game

    ZBeautiful Battles - This mod improves the battle aesthetics of the game. The original game was made in such a way that the battles end up extremely cluttered with very little space inbetween ships and
    alot of clipping etc.

    Here is a List of mods that totally convert the game -

    [B]Eve Online Conversion:
    EvE Online: Horizons (Core mod needed to run with rest of the mods)
    EvE Online: Horizons - Emblems (Adds various emblems & logos from Eve Online NPC factions and corps.)
    EvE Online: Horizons - Sandbox Factions (Adds 18 different factions from Eve Online)
    EvE Online: Horizons - Traits (Adds a number of selectable Bloodlines and Faction traits to Stellaris inspired by Eve Online.)
    EvE Online: Horizons - Caldari (Adds the ships that belong to the Caldari faction)
    EvE Online: Horizons - Minmatar (Adds the ships that belong to the Minmatar faction)
    EvE Online: Horizons - Gallente (Adds the ships that belong to the Gallente faction)
    EvE Online: Horizon - Amarr (Adds the ships that belong to the Amarr faction)
    EvE Online: Horizons - Expanded Ship Sizes (Ship Sizes for battlecruiser, carrier, dreadnought, mothership and titan.)

    Star Trek:
    Star Trek New Horizons

    Stargate : The Fifth Race


    If you need the links to these mods let me know, or in message me in steam: bbf_vita158
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    Re: What Stellaris Mods You Think make the game better?

    Good list, have most of those active. Been giving AlphaMod a try. Adds new resources, buildings and techs etc, seems well done.


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      Re: What Stellaris Mods You Think make the game better?

      Its been pretty fun so far - will try and get more game time.


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        To me the whole politics and fighting mechanics were a big let down. There was little to no way to influence through politic relations with the other species...and combat dont get me started, you just had to outzerg your opponent and it was guaranteed win. Unless there are mods that fixes it, then i wouldnt be bothered again. However, since i have a soft spot for Paradox, i can admit it was the only space 4x i ever really enjoyed.

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