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  • Sports!

    Just curious as to how many people here follow sports and if so which ones and what teams.

    Me? I'm a huge sports fan. I follow beyond religiously.

    I would say my favorites would have to be in this particular order...

    1) Hockey (NHL, AHL, RSL, SEL - more so NHL, but I'll watch just about everything Hockey)
    2) Baseball (MLB, some AAA and a little AA)
    3) Football (NFL, some College)
    4) Basketball (NBA)
    5) NASCAR (Not so much as I used to, mainly because of all the rediculous change in recent past - ie. new points system, 'The Chase', etc)

    I'm pretty much a diehard Pittsburgh fan (Penguins, Pirates :( , Steelers ). I've only been to one game this season because of finances, but I used to go to around 10-15 Pirates games a year. Now that Hockey season is back I'm hoping to get to as many games as possible. I've only been to one Steelers game ever at Heinz Field and it was preseason. Steelers tickets aren't exactly easy to get.

    I also like the Maple Leafs (the NHL team for those wondering). I went to a playoff game two years ago in Toronto. Probably the best experience and NHL game I've ever been to (and I've been to many). The atmosphere was incredible. Me and my wife are hoping to go to another game this season in Toronto (regular season game) during our anniversary.

    I think that about covers it. I don't want to get on too much of a soapbox here anyway. I love sports, Hockey even more so. How about everyone else?

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    Re: Sports!

    I play and follow soccer. I hate american soccer but watching english soccer is grand. And now i leave the door open for my fellow americans to flame me...


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      Re: Sports!

      Originally posted by TG_Santa
      I play and follow soccer. I hate american soccer but watching english soccer is grand. And now i leave the door open for my fellow americans to flame me...
      Flame you, you are absolutely correct. The Premiership is the best league in the world to watch. FSC rocks, I wake up early every Saturday morning just to watch it.

      1)NCAA Football (Penn State)
      2)Baseball (Phillies)
      3)NFL (Eagles, closet 49ers fan)
      4)Soccer (Manchester United)
      5)NHL (Flyers)

      I actually will watch any of those sports anytime they are on. I usually go to 4 Penn State games a year and 6 Phillies games.


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        Re: Sports!

        1. NCAA Football (Texas Longhorns)
        2. Tennis
        3. MLB (fan of Cards and Astros)
        4. NBA (Spurs)

        I used to watch the NFL but now there's too many prima donnas.

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          Re: Sports!

          1. NFL (49ers - rough years lately, but I'm old enough to have watched all the Niner Super Bowls)
          2. MLB (S.F. Giants - Love Bonds; rest of you prob. don't)
          3. NCAA Football (Cal Bears - esp. lately w/ Tedford as head coach)
          4. NHL (S.J. Sharks)
          5. NBA (Warriors)

          Yeah, I'm predictable, all Bay Area teams. But, overall, sports have been pretty good to us here. And I'm a closet fan of the Cards, only because of Tony LaRussa, who everyone knows used to coach the A's.



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            Re: Sports!

            Mmmm, in proper order,
            NFL - (Vikings, oh how they drive us crazy mad in MN =P)
            MLB - (Twins)
            NHL (Wild)
            NBA (T'wolves)

            I rarely watch NBA games (maybe 3-4 a year) and generally only have MLB and NHL games playing in the background. Football tends to be more directly watchable for me.
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              Re: Sports!

              I like the idea of American Football (being a tactically minded guy), but I just can't watch the games as it is too stop-starty for my tastes. I really enjoy watching NHL matches (when they are shown in the UK on a channel I can get) because I find it a very fluid game. That is of course at the times when I can actually see where the puck is ;)

              Reasonably big football fan although I think Turbo should be flamed for supporting Man Utd :p However my favourite sport has to be Rugby Union. One of the few sports that I love to play and watch in equal measure. For me it has the perfect combination of strategy and tactics, mixed with fast paced excitement, and ... well brutality I guess is the best other word. One of the few sports that caters for a huge variety of different people. If I would recommend any one sport for people to check out then that would be it. The autumn internationals are not far off now...


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                Re: Sports!

                Im going to a Patroits game today!.


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                  Re: Sports!

                  Originally posted by Wulfyn
                  I think Turbo should be flamed for supporting Man Utd :p
                  Flame away, I do deserve it for this one. :icon_bigg


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                    Re: Sports!

                    MLB: Don't watch it. Rather watch paint dry.

                    Hockey: Same.

                    NBA: I follow the Kicks, Heat, Detroit.

                    Soccer: Man U, Real Madrid, and when the world cup happens, everything screeches o a halt.

                    Football:Patriots, Steelers, Cowboys (just for Parcells).

                    Racing: F1, Rally. Nascar can kiss my buttocks.

                    Tennis: Watching the americans alot, when ever I get a chance: Roddick, Blake, Ginepri, etc...


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                      Re: Sports!

                      NFL: any team but the patriots all tho i willl admit they are good but not the best
                      MLB detriot Tigers...
                      NBA:to boring
                      NCAA: in order of best- Ohio State-the rest of the big ten and ND
                      that sounds like a good idea trooper.


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                        Re: Sports!

                        Everything Soccer. European soccer is defiantly the best soccer, but I will watch any.
                        Gol TV, FSC, and one more channel. Not sure what it's called, but those are my favorite channels.

                        Favorite American Teams: FC Dallas, L.A. Galaxy, D.C. United (Damn Freddy Adu)
                        Favorite English Premier League Teams: Manchester United, Newcastle United, Arsenal
                        Favorite Spanish League Teams: Barcelona, Real Madrid, Valencia
                        Favorite German League Teams: Bayern Munich, Stuttgart
                        Favorite French League Teams: Lyon, Nantes
                        Favorite Italian League Teams: AC Milan, Napoli

                        Incase you couldn't tell, I like soccer alot. Oh and I always root for Italy in the world cup. My soccer team at school goes to Don Juans (a Mexican Restaurant) alot of times when there is a game on. Soccer rules. Poop on other sports. :P


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                          Re: Sports!

                          america did pretty well in the last world cup. I think they beat mexico in the quarters and then lost to germany 1 to 0 in the semis. I might have those rounds mixed up though. Regardless of how well we did, im sure we'll lose horribly in germany in the next world cup.

                          Reason i said to not flame me for the soccer was because most americans hate soccer passionatly.


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                            Re: Sports!

                            Originally posted by TG_Santa
                            Reason i said to not flame me for the soccer was because most americans hate soccer passionatly.
                            Really? I've never gotten this impression... I think most Americans just don't care about soccer...
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                              Re: Sports!

                              Yeah, I don't think people hate it as much as they could care less...

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