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    I was surprirsed to not find a link to this on the forums actually, so I'm going to post it myself.

    A few years ago, shortly after the release of HALO, a group of people decided to make a movie using the HALO gameplay. They use a well thought out storyline (and it continues through all the episodes), a growing cast of characters (yet not too big), and the varied maps from the HALO world (mainly Bloodgulch/Quagulation). After the release of HALO 2, they moved onto that, which increased graphics and various options that were avaliable to them. And an amazing part - in the beginning part of HALO 2, they had it so models didn't look up and down when the person did. They added this so the RedvsBlue group could continue their videos.

    Sadly, they've advanced their site ( ) to only allow the downloads of the current season and a few exclusive other episodes. I couldn't find a great site that simply lists all the episodes, but you can download them all from here:
    Just change the last two numbers to the episode you want (01-60).
    You should be able to just google what you want and find it pretty easily though. There's also some PSAs (Public Service Announcement) videos that are hysterical. Especially the one about the internet.

    If anyone has some better links for this, please post them. Otherwise, enjoy!!

    PS: Each episode is roughly 5-8 minutes in length. And they are best watched in order, because it's a continuing storyline.

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    Re: RvB - Hilarious Game Videos

    RedvsBlue has been posted several times, but never with this kind of explanation. Thanks for sharing!
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      Re: RvB - Hilarious Game Videos

      Oh... I did a search and got nothing =P

      Regardless. The new season's begun!!


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        Re: RvB - Hilarious Game Videos

        Eh, the first season is priceless, but the latter seasons have been going downhill since. Definantly see if you can't get a copy of the first season if you haven't seen it though (I have it on DVD myself).
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          Re: RvB - Hilarious Game Videos

          The third season premiere is the best episode ever. That's all there is to it.

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            Re: RvB - Hilarious Game Videos

            RvB is also the home of the Apple "Gamer Switch" Ad from a few years back. Good 'ol Gus.

            Theres plenty of good games on the mac; zork, breakout, superbreakout, photoshop.

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