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"Bullet Cone Theory" in HL/CS

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  • "Bullet Cone Theory" in HL/CS

    This is a VERY interesting discussion/theory going on in another community that I felt would make a great discussion topic here.

    Gamehavoc: Bullet Cone Theory by Thrikreen

    Since some people apparently can't understand what I mean when I talk about rounding errors and such of the bullet cone theory, here's a more detailed explanation and some pictures to demonstrate. First, the set up: Each grid block is 1 meter, and I've placed a human at 10m, 25m and 50m away.

    What you see: The smallest visible movement you can notice is, of course, one pixel. We know the most common resolution is 1024x768 for playing Counter-Strike, so we'll work from that. The standard FOV (field of view) in Counter-Strike (and most FPS games) is 90 degrees. Therefore, we can calculate that one pixel translates to approximately 0.08789 degrees of movement for every pixel you move.
    Please understand, this is a separate community... different rules, different people.

    How many of you guys are as familiar with the gaming engines and rules as you think you are? In the end, all these games we play... these simulations of reality, are based on software rules that can be bent, broken, and result in compromises to bring you those "omg HOW?" deaths/frags.

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    Re: "Bullet Cone Theory" in HL/CS

    Wow.... someone really has too much spare time on their hands.

    I had always figured there was something like this, along with the scaling and shaping of the hitboxes. Of course, I'd imagine this is done to compensate for slower machines, laggy connections, and the fact that you can't have 0 latency on an internet-connected server (or ANY server, for that matter).

    That article was very interesting, and that guy has done a lot of work. Thanks for pointing it out Dirt.

    I still think he has too much time on his hands though.


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      Re: "Bullet Cone Theory" in HL/CS

      Way too much time indeed, but it was well placed and true.


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        Re: "Bullet Cone Theory" in HL/CS

        I am amased, considering all the explorations of the HL engine over the years that no one has thought of this. Bear in mind though that this is an UNTESTED theory. A hypothesis.

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