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  • my Fighter Pilot: ORF review/comments...

    Just got my order from Amazon yesterday afternoon, in it came the High Definition/DTS, IMAX DVD, Fighter Pilot Operation Red Flag, (a second disk contains the movie in Microsoft Windows Media HD for the PC)...

    I have read others opinions on it and thou I agree that it is too short (48 minutes) and could of used some more aerial dogfighting... after watching it in its full glory of HD digital with DTS sound... I thought it was GREAT, and highly recommend it to anyone with a) an interest in combat jets, b) a person with a kickass home theater system, c) anyone who likes to fly combat sims, and d) any mission maker or modder of flight sims out there.

    I loved it... Starts out with all the planes coming in, beautiful look on the military base, it shows almost all the most popular, most used combat aircraft on the NATO side, it explains in story form how each of the planes are used in this mock battle including the Stealth Bombers, followed by the B1's and a U2, then an AWACS, then all the planes, what they do, SEAD, CAP, etc ect... I learned alot about what certain aircraft are designed to do and what they don't do.

    Then you have the usual air battles, then ground attacks, then a surprised mission, where they have to beat the OPFOR to a down pilot, with land and helicopter support, (and even a MWD (military working dog), which is what I did while in the Army, lol)...

    Ended with a final battle, and final bombing runs... like I said, if you got interest in this type of's well worth picking up...
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