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3 combined arms movies (not the JO re-make,lol)

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  • 3 combined arms movies (not the JO re-make,lol)

    Found these three movies that I thought were worth sharing for any Falcon or OFP fans... there not made to large, but they do show a nice "combined arms" with two different games...

    We've made a collection of three movies. We used Falcon 4 and Operation FlashPoint. The movies are made for demo's during the open days of the Royal Netherlands Air Force, and now we want to share this movies with the rest of the world.

    Close Air Support to some grunts who are in a battle with some East Block heavy infantry.

    Forward Air Controllers have spotted a Scud launcher. They talk two F-16's to the target.

    Dogfight, a Viper having fun with some Soviet aircraft.

    Movies are made by:
    The 39th VFW Display Tigers
    The 398th SF Riot Hammers
    The 39th VFS Berserkers

    Thx to SimHQ ( for the news.
    Magnum |TG-18th|

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    Re: 3 combined arms movies (not the JO re-make,lol)

    Whoa what's that last video? Op Flashpoint?




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