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  • Tactical Blog Upgrade Completed...

    Did you know that Tactical Gamer provides a free blogging service to all of our members? Well, we do! You don't need to be a supporting member to use it either! It is a service available to all.

    This past weekend we upgraded to the new multi-user version of WordPress to replace our old system. There were a couple hiccups in the migration that made it take a bit longer than planned, but it's up and operational!

    For those that already have been using the blog: I got all the screenshots uploaded for the different templates, so now you can see what the templates look like before selecting one. It makes it a bit easier to find the one you like rather than selecting, viewing your blog, selecting a new one, viewing your blog, etc. etc. etc. I am going to be adding quite a number of new templates over the coming days and they may or may not have screenshots available immediately. But for now, all the ones online at this very moment in time have preview screenshots.

    The new software is a lot more versatile than the old, and the editor works properly. So no more crunched-up words after editing an entry you've already added. WordPress also automatically pings most of the blog tracking sites after you add a new entry. So a few minutes after you post something new in your blog, you can go over to and do a search on it and you'll find it!

    One of the biggest changes with the new system is the address for your individual blogs. Rather than having to use, each user will have their own virtual host available at It has a much more custom feel to it and helps to personalize your blog.

    So, if you don't already have a blog to call your own. Hop on over to and get yours today!
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