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  • Lesser known Coop games

    Hi, I'm trying to get a list of games that you can play coop. I've done alot of searching the internet and I keep getting the same responses Rainbow Six, Sven Coop, System Shock 2, Diablo etc..

    Anyway I'm trying to find some lesser known ones like (weither they are any good or not)
    Deadly Dozen, Codename: Outbreak, Dungeon Lords, Alpha Black Zero etc..

    So if you know any coop games please post in this Forum or PM me.

    By COOP I mean strictly 2 or more Humans vs Computer, rather than Counter Strike, team vs team games



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    Re: Lesser known Coop games


    I kill me. LOL.


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      Re: Lesser known Coop games

      Ghost Recon and Project Eden are the two that come to my mind. I think Freedom Force does co-op as well, but I'm far less certain about that.
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        Re: Lesser known Coop games

        heres some more
        X-Wing Alliance (semi sure it has coop)
        Echelon: Wind Warriors
        MechWarrior 4: Vengeance
        Close Combat: First to Fight (I believe it has coop)
        Soldiers: Heroes of WW2
        Elite Warriors: Vietnam


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          Re: Lesser known Coop games

          Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliances

          Great game for co-op, but only if you're a tabletop gamer for the most part.


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            Re: Lesser known Coop games

            heres some more to jog your memories, thanks for the replys so far. I think theres more coop games out there than are given credit for.

            Star Trek: Klingon Academy (scraping the barrel) :)
            Heroes of might and magic 3
            Brothers In Arms: Earned In Blood
            Duke Nukem Forever (How did that get in there)
            Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
            Dungeon Siege II
            codename panzers phaseone (I think so)
            Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom
            Full Spectrum Warrior
            Lock-on: Modern Air Combat (I think so, but never played it)
            Call of Cthulhu
            Commandos 2 (maybe 3)
            Diakatana (who could forget)
            operation flashpoint
            No One Lives Forever 2
            Joint Operations

            And no, I haven't played em all :)


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              Re: Lesser known Coop games

              Freespace 2 (best game ever made)
              Serious Sam (both)
              Marathon (all of them)

              Others that I love have already been mentioned.
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