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  • Magnum... checking in...

    I know most could care less, lol... but since I am an AA admin, thought I should check in.

    I live in Naples, hit hard by the hurricane...

    Been working 12 to 18 hour days... my power and water just came on today, but my cable (internet connection) is still down... hoping they fix that ASAP.

    Once I'm back online i'll start doing my duties as an America's Army server admin.
    Sorry if I couldn't respond to your individual IM's.. but I did forward the cheater complaints to Apophis.

    Mall opened up today, so I did pick up Civ4 and Call of Duty 2... 2 games that can be played as single player... so hope to get into some of that multiplayer action of Civ4 when I'm back on line... but AA is my top priority. ;)

    Till then, take care and send all AA server related problems/questions to either Turbo or Vulcan. (and thx you two for stepping up.)
    Magnum |TG-18th|

    We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.

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    Re: Magnum... checking in...

    glad to hear it's going well, see you when you get back!

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      Re: Magnum... checking in...

      Good to hear you got through it OK!
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        Re: Magnum... checking in...

        Glad to hear you're alright. I live in Homestead, FL so we got hit fairly hard but FPL made shure to keep our power up after taking 2 weeks to fix it from Katrina so i have internet and schools are closed for at least a week. W00t! :D
        Side note, i tried AA but the training is too tedious for me to do quickly. Once i finish i'll try to play more often.





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