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PC Gaming Really Is Dying

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  • PC Gaming Really Is Dying

    I used to fight this idea that the consoles are killing PC gaming, but after the wash of feeble releases this holiday gaming season, I think it's finally coming true.

    I got this from forum. To read the rest of it the link is below.,14699959

    P.S. I just want your thought from the TG peeps about this subject.
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    Re: PC Gaming Really Is Dying

    Call me behind the times, but I saw stuff in AoE3 that I'd never seen before. Granted, it's Microsoft, and they have a history with me when it comes to being the first to present to me someone else's innovation and calling it their own (which means it isn't innovation at all), so it probably wasn't really innovation at all.

    Nothing in that forum thread makes my future as a PC gamer (with lots of people to accompany me) feel threatened.
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      Re: PC Gaming Really Is Dying

      Originally posted by lunisicx
      P.S. I just want your thought from the TG peeps about this subject.
      Well, it appears to be the opinion of one guy who is fed up with the current offering of games. I dont feel PC gaming to be dying, but I dont buy many games either.

      The guy seems to want more innovation and originality. Sure I want new games to be original, but that doesnt always make a good game. (Black and White) Sometimes a rehash of an old idea can make a good game. (BF2, CIV4) Just because companies want to make money through products that they know will sell, doesnt mean PC gaming is dying. Most certainly its not doing much for promoting groundbreaking gameplay, but to the publishers that is a big risk.
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        Re: PC Gaming Really Is Dying

        Oh noes, PC gaming is dead!

        I look out at the future releases and see: Neverwinter Nights 2, Prey, Spore, UT2007, a new Morrowind, an expansion to WOW, Rise of Nations 2.....

        That's alot of good gaming for a dead platform.

        This topic always comes up before a new round of console platforms arrive, and it never happens.


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          Re: PC Gaming Really Is Dying

          Nintendo is the only company out there actively pushing innovation in the console world. By the standards of the article, it seems that most console gaming could be considered "dying" as well.

          I worry not for my PC.
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            Re: PC Gaming Really Is Dying

            Originally posted by Pokerface
            Nintendo is the only company out there actively pushing innovation in the console world.
            Roger that. Did you see that GC game that is part RTS, part pinball? Insane.

            Makes me want to part with $100 for a 'Cube.


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              Re: PC Gaming Really Is Dying

              Im toying with the idea of sending Nintendo 20 bucks with a note "Keep up the good work."


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                Re: PC Gaming Really Is Dying

                The only innovative non-nintendo game i know of is Okami. The one where it looks like a painting on rice paper. I think it looks amazing.



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                  Re: PC Gaming Really Is Dying

                  I am the other side of the coin there are so many games out I want to buy, I just don't have the time to play them.

                  Rome TW and expansion
                  Dawn of War Expansion
                  Call of Duty 2
                  Brothers in Arms EIB expansion
                  Imperial Glory

                  These are just a few. I am not saying these are all perfect games, just ones I want to play :-)
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                    Re: PC Gaming Really Is Dying

                    When you compare console games against PC games, there is one major issue. Stability. Console games don't get updates nor do they get new content or even the community effort behind them to make mods and content.

                    The real gaming experience isn't in the next big game, it's in the current games that are utilizing their great gameplay and adding on to it.

                    IMHO anyway.

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                      Re: PC Gaming Really Is Dying

                      You can license an engine for $250 and distribute your game over the Internet instead of by publisher. Check out a project I'm involved with:


                      (I'm not a "creative" contributor. I'm there to make sure there's a Linux server build, and to have source access to fix any bugs that crop up.)
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                        Re: PC Gaming Really Is Dying

                        Seriously if PC Gaming and Nintendo every die I am giving up on gaming. I will read or something. It would just suck so bad. I would have no point to upgrade my computer. I would cry myself to sleep everyday.

                        On the subject of PC gaming dying. I don't want to comment on that just yet. I don't feel it is remember NPD numbers don't include steam sales and the ammount of revenue people get from MMORPGs which for the most part is nothing but profit. I will wait til I see what Vista can do. MS is planning to push PC Gaming big time with Vista. Gamestop is helping by added PC Gaming Kiosks that use Dell XPS comps. MS also plans on advertising Vista as if it was a new console launch, plans on buying shelf space at retailers and getting the word out on PC Games. It also has been getting publishers to release more games on DVD.

                        THe poster of that thread really sounds like a guy that would want a DS/Rev.

                        Also Mateo I highly recommend getting a Gamecube. Most of the best games this gen are on it. If you need a list of games just let me know.
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                          Re: PC Gaming Really Is Dying

                          *cups a hand to his ear* Innovation? Creativity? PC?

                          SPORE FTW!

                          Honestly. PC gaming will live as long as there is gaming. Consoles are basically trying to become computers, anyway.

                          And teh Cub3z0r r0xx0rz. I mean, where else can you find Donkey Konga?! Zelda, Mario, Kirby, and the wackily insane ideas their games are implemented that break boundaries in astonishing, playable, enjoyable ways!


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                            Re: PC Gaming Really Is Dying

                            You know, every time someone brings up the whole PC gaming is dead thing, I think two things:

                            1. How much of EA, Activision, or Atari's revenue is due to PC game sales?
                            2. You think PC gaming is dead? Try Linux and OSX! PC Gamers have a BUFFET by comparison.:icon_bigg


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                              Re: PC Gaming Really Is Dying

                              This topic has been around since the beginning of PC gaming!

                              Here is a link to my last argument on this subject:





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