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  • Remembrance Sunday

    Remembrance Sunday, or Armistice day, is the anniversary of the signing of the truce and end of hostilities of the first world war. It was changed to remembrance sunday shortly after the first world war, where everyone on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month would hold a short vigil in the form of silence to remember those that had made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom of others. The second sunday of the month, traditionally that closest to the eleventh was set as the date to have memorials to those that died.

    Today it is seen to not just remember those that died during the great war or the second world war, but for anyone who had lost their lives in conflict in the interest of protecting others, regardless of nationality.

    We thank those who have given up so much for us.

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    Re: Remembrance Sunday

    [Originally posted on dMw forum]

    Went ahead and did the 'Virtual Rememberance'.

    Thought I would be on my own, but had a really pleasant surprise and found our TG mate [TG-42nd]Wulfyn had turned up too.

    We got on the dMw server (Operations Clean Sweep map) ahead of 11am (GMT), and we met up at the Small Airfield flag.

    Timing wasn't an issue, as here in Scarborough (where I live) they send up a rocket at 11am - and then another one when the two minute silence is over (I can hear these clearly from my office).

    Took some screens:

    This is Wulfyn during the silence.

    Here's a couple of larger shots as we met up:

    Meeting up with Wulfyn (52kb): Click here to see image in new window

    Two minutes silence - full screen (64kb): Click here to see image in new window

    Unfortunately you cannot 'port arms' in BF2, so you have a shot of my rifle, but trust me, I was standing still head down.

    A big thanks to Wulfyn for not only taking the time to do this, but for also turning up at the dMw server. Would have been nice to see a few more dMws there - but maybe next year eh?

    |TG-Irr|Big-Ranger: BIG again, but still not clever!
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