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    I just wanted to pop in and say "Hiya", nice site you have here, seems lots of info to read and troll through.

    I played with Mesiah few a few rounds tonight and was very impressed. Leaves me wondering what one can do to get into your clan.

    Been gaming since '96 spend ALOT of time online as I work from home.

    If Mesiah is just a taste of teh caibre of folks you all hang out with, I am very impressed. Seem Like a good bunch of guys. Anyways I looke forward to meeting more of you in teh near future.

    If your curious FTW stand fer : For Teh Win : I played alot of SWG suince launch and this was my guild/Clan in that game. We all love the teamwork aspect of BF2 so lots of us are playing. Perhaps some good things can come of that. /shrug

    Ok I have blabbed long enough, look forwqard to talking with you all soon.

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    Re: Sup Fellas / Fellettes

    Hi Zeiro, welcome to TG! We're not a clan, but a gaming community, and you are already a member. That was pretty easy, no?

    Check out the SOP's and rules for BF2, and any other game we play, so you can get the most from your gaming experience.

    Enjoy your stay!
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