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Maps from other games u'd like to see in BF2

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  • Maps from other games u'd like to see in BF2

    Was chatting to some of the dMw guys the other day about the new Total BF2 Map Pack 2...

    We were all saying how we love Karkand 2 - and all urban maps in particular AND I said:

    "You should have played Ghost Recon; there were three maps - 'Vilnius', 'Embassy' and 'Red Square' that I'd love to see re-done as BF2 maps!"

    And this made me wonder - does anyone else have a map from another game that they would like to see re-done as a BF2 map (and why)?


    Vilnius, Embassey and Red Square:

    These are classics - we also used to play a thing called 'Command & Conquor' which made it like a flag capturing game.

    All these maps were Eastern European urban maps, with lots of alleyways and bombed out buildings ( - which put rubble onto the streets to give them that 'Stalingrad' look - ).

    There are second floor windows for the snipers among you, and narrow streets for tank ambushes!
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