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PS2 tactical gaming, SOCOM 3

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  • PS2 tactical gaming, SOCOM 3

    Are there any Tactical Gamers interested in online tactical gaming on the PS2?

    I'm new here, and have enjoyed getting my feet wet in BF2 on the TG server.
    However, there are times when I want to relax in my living room with the bigger screen, serious surround sound, a controller and a sofa.
    I've recently started playing SOCOM 3, but the experience with the community-at-large bears no resemblance to the TG BF2 experience (but a lot of resemblance to the BF2 experience outside TG!).

    From what I've seen here, it doesn't seem like TG is positioned as PC-only but it seems there's very little here related to console gaming. I don't know if that's by design or just reflects that most serious tactical gamers gravitate to the PC.

    Anyway, if there are any other TGers that express interest, maybe we could coordinate a SOCOM 3 or BF2 Modern Combat night (with a private server). Your sofa misses you!

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    Re: PS2 tactical gaming, SOCOM 3

    40+ views and not a single response.
    Apparently nobody else in TG is sufficiently interested in online tactical gaming on the PS2.
    Anybody care to comment why?

    Might you change your mind for PS3 (or Xbox 360)?
    Or will someone just have to pry all those cold dead fingers from the PC?


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      Re: PS2 tactical gaming, SOCOM 3

      I don't have a console, and until my son begs for one, I don't particularly want a console.

      The PC just offers so much more...
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        Re: PS2 tactical gaming, SOCOM 3

        Controls.. I like my mouse and keyboard. I was actually this -> " " close to buying a PS2 and SOCOM 2 when that game was first released, but decided that I like my mouse and keyboard too much.

        Graphics.. I just have a regular TV so my monitor can run at a higher resolution and the computer can make prettier pictures than a PS2. PS3 / 360 may change that, but there's still that whole keyboard thing.
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          Re: PS2 tactical gaming, SOCOM 3

          in this age of pc gaming, the graphics on the ps2 just dont cut it, i also find it IMPOSSIBLE to play shooters with a controller.

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            Re: PS2 tactical gaming, SOCOM 3

            Last game I played on the PS2 was Katamari Damacy.
            I'm willing to play crazy hippy crack-games about rolling up the world on the PS2, but not tactical shooters.

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