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  • Worth it?

    Hey all, As you can see i am extremely new to tactical gamer. I been hearing alot about the clan or group or whatever you preffer to call it and decided to check you guys out. My question is tg an active community. Money is short at the age of 14 and i have wasted quite a sum of money on games and communitiese that weren't active or fun. I see that tg has good selection of games and servers but is it worth the 80$ or 8 a month. Thanks

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    Re: Worth it?

    You don't have to be a supporting member to play in most of our servers, but it certainly helps for the closed ones like Falcon 4 and SWAT 4. It's actual purpose is to keep the community alive.

    And yes, we are a very active community in many senses of the term.


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      Re: Worth it?

      First try out the free servers, then if you still like it, just buy one months membership. After that if you think you will keep getting it, save some money and buy a longer membership.

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        Re: Worth it?

        Well if you have a look around our forums, you'll see this community is very active and the best tactical community you'll find.

        You don't need to support with money to enjoy the community!

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          Re: Worth it?

          Do it, im 14 and played here for about 3 months and then bought it. Totally worth it considering the tourneys and the competitions.


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            Re: Worth it?

            Is this community active?

            Members: 7,307
            Threads: 15,296
            Posts: 183,553
            Top Poster: Wyzcrak (8,716)

            I cant even keep up with all the posts anymore and yes it is worth it.


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              Re: Worth it?

              Originally posted by Turbo
              I cant even keep up with all the posts anymore
              Blame Trooper.

              It's been a good 3 minutes since I put this up and he hasn't replied. Humph.
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                Re: Worth it?

                Is TG worth it?

                The last year, we have added the following servers;

                Falcon 4.0 Allied Force
                Day of Defeat: Source
                Battlefield 2 (x3)
                SWAT 4
                America's Army
                Operation Flashpoint (x2)
                Neverwinter Nights

                To make room, we turned off:

                BF1942 Desert Combat
                Ghost Recon 2.0
                Joint Operations/Realism

                As games come out, we will continue to evolve.

                In the pipeline, there are plans (meaning Apophis has expressed interest in) to add:

                Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter
                Armed Assault (aka OFP 1.5)
                SWAT 4 Add On

                And others. Which ones we get depends upon what the members are interested in.

                Every game we play, we play together, as a team. You never need to worry about lone wolves, stat packers, or other immature gamers: we live and die togther. That makes us unique.

                Member contributions fund the site, the services that the site provides, and the servers. It's not a for profit. Apophis funnels the money back into the community at every turn.

                Membership gives you priority access to the servers and scrims, access to TG hosted blogs, webspace, mail, galleries, etc., and helps keep the lights on.

                Is it worth it?

                I think so.




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