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    I'm just dropping in to say hello!

    I've burnt myself out on BF2, and the fact that the in-game VOIP doesn't like my new SB X-Fi, I've taken an unscheduled leave of absence from the game. That does not mean I won't return though! As soon as some of the higher profile MOD's are released, and assuming there will be TG support for them *cough* Forgotten Hope *cough* I will return to my duties!

    On a side note, you'll never guess what I am playing! I received a copy of CoD 2 as an early holiday gift, and while I'm not impressed with the multi-player, I've found a server that, in many ways, reminds me of the great teamwork we enjoy here! If you do happen to play, I highly recommend joining the "82nd AB" server, as they run a tactical server that is focused on team play and realism! That's where I've spent most of my online activities lately, as real life tends to limit my free time!

    I hope to see some of you soon, as I will never leave this great community...

    Just so long as it's still around...

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    Re: What's Up TG!

    Join us when you can Bren. Miss your squads in the early evenings.




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