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    I started playing a game called Project Visitor, a game that I havent played in 4 years when it was formaly know as 10six you might of heard of it or even played it. The reason why I am posting this is that I think the game needs more players. If you like futureistic game play then you'll love this game! I think this game is the most highly adictive game on the market, but you'll have to play it yourself in order to know what I am talking about. The players that PV needs, is players that are willing to try the game and if they like it, keep playing it. If you think that you are a person who would love to play a game for a long time and have some fun by being commited to playing it and playing as a team then this is the game for you. PV is a game where the only way you can survie is with your MDN (Clan).So if you love playing as a team then this is also the game for you. If you are not the type of gamer who spends alot of time with one game then dont waste your time checking out the game. Well anyways heres the web site check it out and post what you think on this thread.
    About the game:

    If you do decide to get started on playing it email me and I will help you out :)
    [email protected]

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    I know that name.

    I used to be a GM for the game Endless Ages, at some point during the life of that game, 10six dissolved and those players decided they needed a new home, which many of them went to Endless Ages. I have to say, in my experience with them, and maybe it was just that group, but they had a terrible 'better than you in so many ways so stfu and die' kind of attitude. One that I wouldn't care to relive myself.

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