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  • The Official TG Ghost Story Thread!

    Gather around the campfire my friends...

    For the past few days, I've been reading this thread over at the SomethingAwful forums ( threadid=854020&perpage=40&pagenumber=1 is the link to it if you're interested :P) and I've found it intriguing to hear everyone's personal encounters with the supernatural. Sure, it doesn't help me to fall asleep at night, but I've always found this stuff fascinating.

    Since the thread at SomethingAwful seems to have died, I'm posting here ot hear what scary encounters you guys have had!

    Since I shouldn't post this without contributing, I will give you the stories I had which I already posted on the other forums. Nothing major, but it's something, Right?

    Let the spooking begin!

    EDIT: Oh, and let's keep these stories to events which happened to you or a direct family member/friend. No urban legends!

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    The following is my post from the SomethingAwful forums:

    "I've been following this thread religiously the past few days at work, and I'm definatly having trouble sleeping at night from it.

    I haven't had that many scary experiences myself, but I'll share the ones I've had. Nothing major.


    Let's start when I was young. I don't remember this happening (my parents told me about this a year or so ago), mostly due to the fact I was around 3 when it happened. We used to live with my grandfather and grandmother from when I was born to when I was about 10 or so, but I never got to know my grandfather since he died from a heart attack when I was about 3.

    First off, in my whole time living at that house, I was always scared of this one corner in my room. No rational reason behind it, but I just assumed that it was just a spooky corner. On that side of the room, the ceiling slanted down from the normal 8 foot ceiling to about 3 feet. There was a 6 foot tall dresser wedged as far into the corner as possible, and the remaining space formed the corner I was always afraid of. I never knew why up until a year ago.

    My parents said that one night I burst into their room crying. Not crying like a normal 3 year old does where you can give them a toy to shut them up, but an uncontrollable crying. I was hysterical. They figured I had a nightmare or something, but it took a while to calm me down. When I finally stopped crying and relaxed, they asked me what it was I was crying over.

    "I saw grampee in the corner!" I replied. And started crying again.

    Of course, my dad checked the room and, sure enough, there was nothing there.

    I slept in their bed for the next year. And I always had trouble falling asleep in that room.


    Cut to a few years later. I was 13 or so at the time. We were living in our new house, and me and my mom were watching something remotely spooky on TV when it happened. We were sitting on our couch, and we heard a giant BOOM come from the celler door behind us. We just kind of stared at each other for a second, and then proceeded to jump the couch and lock the door. Thinking it was someone trying to break in, I grabbed a knife and the phone and immediatly called my dad, who was on his way home.

    We were just kind of standing facing the door, waiting for something to happen. It was quiet for about 5 minutes, so my mom figures that we should open the door and see what was going on down there. I protested, saying that we should just wait until my dad got home. She refused to listen.

    She put her ear against the door. Nothing. So she slowly unlocked the door. Nothing. She turned the handle all the way, and opened the door about a quarter inch of the way until she started screaming and slammed the door shut.

    "SOMETHING'S PUSHING AGAINST THE DOOR!" she screamed. At this point I started crying with her.

    So there we were, standing there for about five minutes until my dad showed up. He came in the house to see my mom hysterically crying and me with tears streaming down my face awkwardly pointing the knife at the door. He immediatly pulls his gun, and bolts for the door. With his gun readied, he opens the door in one smooth motion.

    Out falls the deck umbrella we were storing for the season. We had leaned it up against the wall (The basement goes down 3 steps to a flat area and does a 90degree turn for the rest of the steps), and it had simply "lost its footing" and fallen against the door.

    Ok. So I had to throw that in to lighten up everyone's mood. We all felt like idiots.


    A quick story. My parents had gotten divored, and me and my mom were still living in the aforementioned house for the time being. Me, my mom, and my brother were all upstairs sitting in her room watching TV we look at each other. We heard what sounded like footsteps downstairs, followed by a cabinet opening and a bowl sliding across the counter. All of these actions had very distinct sounds, so we immediatly recognized it. We panicked, thinking someone was in the house, and called the police and our next door neighbor. Five minutes later he showed up.

    I'm sure you can guess that they found nothing in the house. And nothing was out of place.

    We played it off as the TV (the big screen was on downstairs), but we all knew the TV was not nearly loud enough at the time to make those noises. And they perfectly matched the noises that were made when we opened our cabinets or moved a bowl across the counter. We never figured out what that was.


    An extremely recent story. Just a few weeks ago, me and my girlfriend (and her friend) visited the "Green Lady" Cemetary in Burlington, CT. It is named this because there were reports of people seeing a green mist in the shape of a woman at the side of the road at times (You can read about it on the SpookyPlaces [or whatever it was called] website under CT).

    The road itself is a dirt road ridden with potholes which connect this main road with a sidestreet. It's simply a rarely-used shortcut.

    We drove down the road on edge, expecting to see the green lady right off the bat. (Speaking of bats, one flew out from the tress when we were first driving down the road, causing my girlfriend and friend to scream at the top of their lungs).

    We spotted the green lady cemetary off to the side of the road (it's just a 50x50 clearing with some lumps of stone sticking out of the ground), and we parked the car. We were too afraid to get out, so we just rolled down the windows and looked. We were of course expecting to see floating orbs of light or such, but we saw nothing. Of course, It did feel like it was a lot colder out than it should have been, and I also felt that general feeling of "Wrongness" you all have reported feeling. I just thought I was scared.

    After sitting there for a bit, we figured we weren't going to see anything. A little disappointed (mostly scared ****less though despite the lack of activity), we started the car and left.

    On our way out, my girlfriend told me to stop the car so she could look at this pond which was at the side of the road. Supposedly, it was the pond where the Elizabeth drowned (Elizabeth was supossedly the green lady, and she haunted the area because she drowned in the pond next to the graveyard. A headstone with "Elizabeth" written on it is the only stone left in the cemetary).

    I put the car into parked, and the girls rolled down their windows and were staring out there. I was just kind of looking around, waiting for something to pop out of the woods, but I figured it was going to be a pretty uneventful night.

    As I was looking around, my view shifted to my rear window. Now mind you I glanced over my shoulder for about a half second, but I saw in the glow of my brake lights what looked to be a human-sized column of...something. It looked like fog, but fog does NOT form in columns. Immediatly after seeing it, my fight or flight kicked in and I peeled out of there. I can't explain what made me leave so suddenly (my girlfriend yelled at me for not telling them to look), but I just got this horrible feeling and left.

    I played it off as dust being kicked up, but we were parked for a good 2 minutes. I then thought it may have been my exaust, but my exaust is on the other side of my car.

    So I don't know what it was. Maybe I was just scared and seeing things, or maybe it was the green lady wondering what the **** we were doing parked in her domain.

    Me and my girlfriend went back there yesterday at about 4 in the afternoon. I was spooked out by reading this thread, so I suggested to her that we be respectful as to not disturb Elizabeth (Elizabeth has been our running joke since that experience). Sure enough, her tombstone was the only one standing there, and I made a comment about how it must have been all urban legend since it was too big of a coincidence that her tombstone was the only one standing. After touring her cemetary, we left. It was getting cold out.

    Well slap my ass and call me susan, but after visiting that cemetary, my cell phone disappeared. Gone. I had it in my pocket when my girlfriend got in the car, and didn't have it when we stopped at the gas station after our cemetary trip. The only possibility is that it fell out when we went to the cemetary. But not once has my cell phone just "fallen out" of my pocket like that.

    Maybe I'm reading too far into it, and it's possible that my cell phone is just buried under some stuff in my car still. But I have a feeling it's gone.

    My girlfriend pointed out the comment I made about Elizabeth's story being urban legend. She seemed to think she took it because I said that.

    All I know is I'm never going back to that place again.

    On a side note, neither my girlfriend or I are "weird" by any standards. We've never had any real supernatural encounters, nor do we believe in this stuff. But yesterday just weirded us out. I guess we'll never know what happened to my cell phone. I'll let you guys know if I find it in my car.


    If you read this far, congrats. I jsut realized I typed a lot more than I meant to.

    Let's keep this thread going! It gives me something to do at work :)"


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      Line breaks man, line breaks. :P
      I do what I can.

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        My ghost story:


        - 52


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          Starting this thread, I somehow KNEW that you were going to make a reply like that. :D


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            I am actually very active in the search for paranomal activity, i am not a clairevoyant.. as you can see i cant spell the word. but i am an amature paranormal investigator.. when i get more time i will post a few of my findings.



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              Funny though, CT has a lot of history with ghosts and such. Weather they're urban legends or not, it's still a little weird. I generaly don't kow what to think mostly because I tend not to think about things like that so much. But there are DEFINITLY alot of stories out there. Most in my town revolve around the haunted asylium... Fair Feild Hills. I'll see if i can find the web page, if any of ou are interseted in this, about the warrens. gimme a sec.
              - 52


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                There's that one site that documents all of the spooky areas in all 50 states. I can't think of the link though off the top of my head, and it's all pretty innacurate anyways.

                Dudeman, please DO post pictures. I'd love to see.


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                  Here we go, Monroe is actualy a town that shares a border with mine. Which is where these people live and where their museam is. Some of the stories they have there are pretty freaky. The Warrens are world famous exorcists.

                  Check out the investigations section, and the photos section.
                  - 52


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                    I lived in a haunted mansion growing up, before my parents divorced. Most of the stories my parents won't tell me, but one I remember vividly.... well.. except the part that I've involuntarily suppressed.

                    The only people in the house, my mother and I are in the smaller of the two living rooms one evening enjoying quiet past times. It's been quiet for some time, and our faithful ever-calm toy sheltie, Kip, is sitting at my mother's feet, sleeping. All is well with the world.

                    All of a sudden, Kip ignites into a defensive position, somehow positioning himself to defend me and my mother (located in two different parts of the room) from whatever he thought to be between he and the door.

                    In my efforts to explain his appearance and behavior, I must implore your imagination. I frequently wrestled with this dog, and I that night saw teeth I didn't know that dog had! I heard it make noises I didn't know it could make. Deep, growling noises, all at this door, or something in the 6 feet between the door and him. I saw foam come from it's mouth from the rage is was showing. Soon he began to run around the room, sort of in circles, like he was chasing something just above him, having to react to his foe's quick and nearby movements. This continued for a few moments, amid violent barking, screaming (the dog, not us), and wailing. The dog's concern was not outside, but inside.. in the same room we were in.

                    You could see that he was afraid (something you never, ever, EVER saw from this dog), and less than confident in his need to protect us from whatever he was fending off. Eventually he calmed down and reluctantly assumed a relaxed but alert position somewhere else in the room.

                    If I want melodrama, I'll watch a soap opera. But damn... that spooked the hell out of my mom and me. We kept a lot of lights on that night.

                    Like I say, she tells me there are other stories that she'll tell me when I'm older (I'm 25!), but that one I experienced first hand, and while I don't remember much else when it comes to imagery, I can vividly recall the fear in that dog's eyes, and his undying commitment to doing whatever it took to defend us from whatever he saw that we didn't.

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                      Get those stories and post them. You now have me wanting more. :D


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                        Just thought of something else. More spooky and eyebrow raising than anything else, but it's fun to share. My wife writies fantasy fiction.. vampires and spine-tingling stuff, and the like. I've shared it with her in case she can ever incorporate something similar into one of her stories.

                        In my county, one of the places you can go to get a drivers license is an old building that used to be a public hospital (physical, I believe, not mental) and hospice for very ill elderly.

                        After getting my number (my place in line), I strolled throughout the building, which had about 40 empty rooms, each which once hosted two beds. In each room, you'd find closets with names still on them, but empty of any belongings. You'd find a stray chair, clearly not part of the hospital, that was probably left by the family when they lost their loved one. One side of the room would be under renovation, with new walls and wiring, and the other side would still have the 1920s wallpaper and tile. It was very interesting to see.

                        But what really, really made me stop in my tracks was this one door, to this one room, which I did not walk in, or even peek in (the door was cracked). You see, none of the doors in this hospital had any room numbers whatsoever, except one....



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                          hahaha...i'd hate to ruin the mood but....what?


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                            B100D = BLOOD

                            DUH! :P
                            I do what I can.

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                              I have glasses, and you know those streaks of lights that people usually see when they DONT have glasses? They say thier ghosts or something. Try me. I have glasses and I seem to see a lil more that white light passing by. I see them when my glasses are off. Every once in a while, a small FAINT object will appear in the corner of my eye. Just a small foggy object. It's everywhere. It's kinda skinnny and tall, but i cant make the actual shape. I just always thing it's my eye playing tricks on me so i always dismiss it, but now i dont know. It seems to follow me everywhere. Just.... a foggy object that appears once every 1 or 2 weeks. I look, it's gone. Nothing there. Especially when I play my games and look out of the sides of my eyes in the dark, sometimes it was there. I'd turn my lights on immediatly to see if it was real, but still i've turned up nothing. I wonder if it is real, or just my eyes. If it IS a ghost, i wonder who it could be.

                              Oh yeah, here's another story.
                              My grandfather caught his guardian angel on camera. It takes the exact shape of one and MOST OF ALL, the camera took itself. You could see where the camera was at the time, in the seat just sitting there. It snapped and caught this amazing sight. If i can get ahold of it, i will post it here. I saw it and i was like whoa.... a real guardian angel. The camera just.. sat there RIGHT SIDE UP WITH NOTHING TOUCHING IT and took itself a photo of this.

                              I believe in ghosts. Everyone has a guardian angel, but i have yet to see mine, but i know i have one. My grandfather does, and i know i do. He got to see his. How rare is that??

                              Just thought I would share this information with you all :)
                              I like the 2nd one better :)




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