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Christmas is going to be fun

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  • Christmas is going to be fun

    X2 4800+, X1800XT, 1GB of Corsair XMS, and a Sapphire ATI chipset mobo. Midnight on Christmas Eve can't come any faster.

    I should try to get a new heatsink. I want to OC the 4800+ to death.

    Also Mateo, Root, anyone that is big on Linux. How will Linux react to a new mobo, processor, and vid card?
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    Re: Christmas is going to be fun

    Originally posted by RGM-79N_GM_CUstom
    X2 4800+, X1800XT, 1GB of
    Also Mateo, Root, anyone that is big on Linux. How will Linux react to a new mobo, processor, and vid card?
    "Linux" won't care. But you may have specific drivers configured that will discover that their old hardware isn't there anymore. If you run Kudzu in the boot process (normal for Red Hat distros like Fedora), it will detect the new hardware, but may not configure it. You may need to run configure commands for some things after the switch.

    The video card will be the biggest thing, as you'll need to run its driver installer, and perhaps run the old video card's uninstaller to remove the old driver's special rendering libraries.

    Drivers for peripherals on the mobo will likely need to be configured. For example, it will likely have a different network chipset, so you'll need to copy the network settings for the old chipset to the new. The network stuff isn't really about the chipset, but the identification of which hardware is which. Each chipset will have a unique "PCI ID" and "alias" (eg. "eth0") and the network settings (DHCP, address, netmask, gateway, etc.) are tied to the alias. So you probably want to change the alias (I think in modprobe.conf) to point to the new NIC's driver instead of the old one. That should cause all the old network settings to apply to the new NIC.
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