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Better Colours for Nvidia GPU users!

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  • Better Colours for Nvidia GPU users!

    I am sure many of you are aware of this already but I'd thought I'd share. Basically if you run an Nvidia GPU you may want to check to see if you are getting the full benefit of your set up as regards RGB colours.

    Installing new drivers/software etc can also reset the relevant settings to Limited which you don't want.

    What you need to do is open Nvidia Control panel, go to the drop down for Video and then Adjust video colour settings.
    Select the monitor you wish to apply the changes to.
    Under "How do you make colour adjustments? Select "With the Nvidia settings"
    Select the Advanced tab and change Dynamic Range to "Full (0-255)"

    The theory is that the Full Dynamic Range should allow more detail in dark and white areas and presumably an increased range in colours. Limited dynamic range is used by many tv sets and most monitors are capable of better colour representation etc.

    If you are using an HDMI connection, which is also reported to set the Dynamic range to limited there is a fix for that too. Here's a link to a PC Gamer Article explaining further.

    Hope this is of use to someone. I made the changes at the weekend and setting aside any potential placebo effect I personally think it definitely improves how dark scenes are displayed and makes colours much more vibrant. As an example its very close visually to some of the effects of HDR (it may even do the exact same thing lol, just isn't called HDR. We all know how manufacturers love to repackage stuff and push around new buzzwords!)
    If you're using an Nvidia graphics card and an HDMI cable, make sure you're getting the full RGB color range on your monitor.

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    No placebo effect here. It works. I do however have to get my eyes used to what seems to be brighter and darker contrasts my screen blares at my face.
    Good find, Wicks.

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      Thanks for the heads up Wicks! I'll check my settings, but since I'm stuck running an HDMI cable to a TV until I get a new monitor, I have a feeling I won't get much of a change.




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