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  • Squad Free Weekend Now!

    From Thursday November 10 at 10 am PST to Sunday November 13 at 1:00 pm PST 'Squad' is free to try on Steam. In addition it is currently available for sale at a 50% discount.

    If you've not tried Squad before this is the perfect weekend to try it on the TacticalGamer server. If you were perhaps considering purchasing Squad there has never been a better time. The release of Alpha Version 8 has brought huge advances in performance and introduced new vehicles. In addition a lighting overhaul has introduced even more eye candy to admire and really added to the atmosphere and realism of the environments you'll be fighting in.

    If you'd like more information on Squad please take a moment to browse the TG Squad Forums here.

    In addition here is a link to the Developer forums of Offworld Studios where you can learn more about the game's progress and what the future holds.

    Squad is an excellent game already and very much a "TG" title, yet development continues at pace. Offworld Studios are an excellent group of guys and consist of many of the original developers responsible for the hugely successful Battlefield 2 mod 'Project Reality, a firm favourite here at TacticalGamer.

    Now stop reading this, fire up Steam and start downloading, we'll see you on the server this weekend!
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    I have purchased and I am installing. Thanks for the heads up Wicks!


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      I guess I should venture out of the BF4 forums more frequently...if I'd seen this then I would have checked it out.
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