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TGNS Replay: TG Natural Selection 2 games footage archive

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  • [VIDEO] TGNS Replay: TG Natural Selection 2 games footage archive

    TGNS is Tactical Gamer Natural Selection. If you're not familiar with Natural Selection 2, it's an FPS/RTS hybrid that pits two asymmetrically designed factions against one another in fast, macro-methodical play that provides a platform for the most intense, satisfying teamwork I've ever experienced. TG has been hosting 8-vs-8 Natural Selection games since 2002, and we're still having great fun today.

    NS2 isn't just fun to play. It's really fun to WATCH. NS1 harnessed Half-Life 1's compelling multi-camera record/replay offering, but NS2's proprietary Spark engine has never risen to same. I wanted a way to watch prior NS2 games from multiple cameras, so I some time ago built a system enabling TGNS players to collaboratively capture and share videos of their game clients such that viewers could watch multi-camera, synchronized footage of previous TGNS games online. I named it TGNS Replay. Here's a link to it:

    TGNS Replay

    As you can see, it offers a Contributors Guide telling players how to contribute footage (after a bit of automation setup, a player can add their gameplay footage to Replay with as little as 2 seconds of effort after each game), but its widest offering is for anyone wanting to WATCH games, and that's why I'm sharing it with you here, in the hope that TG folks who might not have been exposed to NS2 might enjoy watching some games. Despite my best effort of ~15 years, I haven't yet run out of things to learn from Natural Selection and its players, and Replay has become one of my favorite edutainment tools on that journey.

    TGNS Replay presents a list of NS2 games for which TGNS players have added footage. Clicking on any game presents whatever cameras have been added for that game. If multiple cameras have been added for any game, up to two cameras can be watched at the same time -- it's really fun to watch synchronized cameras from opposing teams!

    Each game in the list indicates the sundry cameras that players have added per game: Marines (M), Aliens (A), Marine Commander (MC), Alien Commander (AC), and Spectator (S) -- our TGNS game server provides several slots meant for anyone wanting to connect to the game server and spectate full games, and these Spectators sometimes add recordings to Replay.

    You'll notice footage includes players' voices. "Viewing" both teams' voicecomm at the same time takes some getting used to, but it's great to hear the struggles and tension as the two teams struggle for control of contested map positions and fight to complete their respective team objectives!

    Tons of games are viewable now, and we're having a lot of fun with it. If a wider audience can enjoy it, all the better.
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    Thanks for making this fantastic resource more readily available, always wanted to see how a skilled game of NS2 plays out. Double thumbs up!




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