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Intro from Takker / What are People Playing These Days?

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  • Intro from Takker / What are People Playing These Days?

    Greetings everyone. My name is Takker and I've been lurking on the TG forums for a while, so I thought I should introduce myself. Off the computer, I work in IT as a project manager focused on infrastructure and telecommunications. Some of you may know me from Battlefield 4 as I played on the TG server a lot until BF1 came out. I've moved to BF1, but just can't seem to find that same level of play and team coordination that I could get when I was able to be part of a TG squad in BF4.

    I'm not sure of the long term viability of BF1, so I'm looking to branch out to another game where communications and teamwork are more important than being a bunny-hopping lone wolf. What is popular in TG these days where a newbie with middle aged reflexes could join in?

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    Planetside 2 :)

    Free to play massive online first person shooter with a good amount of TG playing it.

    Just picture battlefield but more spacemen, maps 10-15 times bigger and fights anywhere from 1v1 to 200v200 (average fight is ~150 players during prime time and there are always multiple fights going on at once) Oh did i mention there is no spawn limit to the air vehicles and armor you can pull? Did I also mention that the game is no where's close to pay to win. Everything is obtainable (except cosmetics) via in game currency. You can speed up your acquisition of new weapons and upgrades by using IRL money if you so choose.

    Only downside is, the game is from 2011 and the graphics are a bit dated. (still alright but defiantly not the greatest. The game play makes up for it though)

    Our Ops night is Friday and it kicks off around 7-9pm EST (This time is also the when the server is most populated) Typically on our Ops night we get 25-30 TG online all working together in a platoon.

    Link to the Steam Page (please ignore the video on that page as the Devs thought it would be good click bait)

    If you'd like to see Planetside 2 at its best check out this video here (The world record for most people playing an FPS at once on the same server)

    If you'd like to see Planetside 2 as experienced most days check out this video here. I feel its got a lot of varied situations and game play I typically go through.

    If you're interested feel free to hop on down to our sub-forum or send me a pm. I'd be happy to get you addicted :)
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