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Stellaris Utopia for my birthday!!

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  • Stellaris Utopia for my birthday!!

    So I just picked up a copy of Stellaris Utopia as a present to myself. I played a bit of it already since a friend of mine already owned the dlc and I love the heck out of it. I made a race who went pure synthetic. Now my leaders will never die!!

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    So here is a list of all the mods I play with on stellaris, plus all the links for you to download them if you see one that may interest you. Enjoy!

    New Ship Classes & More v5.0

    1. New ship classes: Corvette, Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser, Strike Cruiser, Battlecruiser, Light Carrier, Battleship, Carrier, Dreadnaught, Super Dreadnaught, Flagship, Construction Cruiser, Science Cruiser
    2. New Stations: Sensor Station, Power Station, Mining Base, Drydock, Battle Fortress, Headquarters Station.
    3. Components & Auras: EWAR Sensor Array, Advanced Zero Point Reactor, Automated Ship Repair System, Automated Defense System.
    4. Buildings: Governorís Mansion, Science & Technology Center.
    5. Spaceport Modules: Customs Office, Mothball & Scrapyard Facility.
    6. Technologies: Advanced Construction Techniques, Supercarrier Tech.
    7. Other Mod Features: Playable Guardians, Buildable Planets, Fleet Formations, Fleet Formation Customization.
    Website for mod info:

    Automated Behavior Adjustment

    1. Ship Targeting Ė changes the ships priority targeting
    2. Movement fluidity Ė increases the ships formation scale making them move better when engaged in combat.

    Auto Survey At Start

    1. Allows Auto Survey at beginning of the game.

    Beautiful Universe v2.0

    1. Changed vanilla skyboxes and brings more beauty to the game.

    Color Coded Pop Status Icons

    1. Adds color coded pop status icons that are easier to differentiate.

    Enhanced AI

    1. Better sector AI in field of decision making & management
    2. Threat detection by AI
    3. Improved AI to AI interactions
    4. Boxed in AIís get more aggressive as they try to expand
    5. AI builds more military
    6. Border Friction is a thing now
    7. AIís more willing to attack and start wars
    8. Threat Calculations have received major overhaul
    9. Bigger you are the more AIís will join together against you
    10. AIís will mix fleet composition and weapons systems
    11. Better resource management by Sectors and more sensible builds

    Epic Explosions

    1. Ships have bigger explosions

    Faster Ship Upgrade

    1. Ships upgrade faster

    Ground Combat Evolved

    1. Orbital bombardment takes much longer & has severe effect on infrastructure
    2. Ground combat now takes longer and there are less Win-Or-Lose situations
    3. All armies are now rebalanced with increased cost & maintenance, but they are more powerful
    4. Garrisons now make sense

    Improved Space Battles [Graphics]

    1. More epic space battles

    More Events Mod

    1. Adds more mid to late game events focusing on spicing up the game after exploration has slowed down

    More Star Classes

    1. Adds 17 new star classes to the game

    Music Pack

    1. Adds 66 new music tracks to the game. (music from Alienhand, Endless Space 1 & 2, X: Rebirth, Halo 4, Eve Online, John Dreamer, Mass Effect, Stellar Drone, Dead Space 3, Elysium, Interstellar, John Williams, TRON: Legacy, Inception, Serenity, Deus Ex, Endless Legend)

    No Clustered Starts

    1. Spreads empires uniformly throughout the galaxy

    Reduce Aura Graphics

    1. Removes unnecessary graphical effects created by aura modules such as the shield dampener & shows only a faint glow on affected ships.

    Subdued Borders

    1. Alters the shader FX for borders so they are transparent with a colored edge.

    UI Overhaul 1080p

    1. Scales the UI for 1080p resolution

    Utopia Expanded

    1. Ringworld Repair Ė Allows your empire to repair damaged ringworld segments
    2. Advanced Ringworlds Ė Allows more ringworld habitats to be built from an existing ringworld frame
    3. Advanced Buildings Ė Allows Tier VI buildings to be constructed on ringworlds and your capital planet
    4. Dyson Ring Megastructure Ė Single Megastructure project which allows a Dyson Sphere and a Ringworld to be constructed around the same star at the same time, without having to build two separate projects

    ZBeautiful Battles

    1. Improves the battle aesthetics of the game by making changed that alter the flow and spacing of space battles in Stellaris
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