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Planetary Simulation and what to do with it.

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  • Planetary Simulation and what to do with it.

    With new technology from Titan IM and Bohemia Interactive Simulations showing that full planetary simulation is on the horizon, a very important question comes to mind. Besides the wow factor, would it actually make a fun game? What do you guys think about an ARMA style game with access to an entire planet, rendered from the blades of grass, the the orbits of satellites?

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    Cool, but not if it suffers from the ArmA engine problems.

    Can you also link information about this?


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      Titan IM is entirely new software from a company that develops training simulations for the military so it shouldn't suffer the same sort of issues. The BIS software is something entirely new, for the same purpose, and would have to meet the same guidelines and bug fixing standards. On the other hand though, the eventual commercial version will most likely be a completely different issue. - for Titan IM info - A video from BIS for their software.


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        I think that the ArmA Engine issues is not likely a fair hold over to the older engines. Yes, they pushed the engine with the massive Altis terrain and fully enterable buildings....but full scale planetary stuff would be built off a similar technology as already exists in VBS3 such as the Florida terrain. I think they are now in a great space to move the engine far forward.

        I might even guess that the last few years of A3 development has been the greatest platform test bed for improving everything else but procedural generation of terrain which makes me very much looking forward to an eventual ArmA 4 even though there has been no discussion I've seen from Bohemia on this. But I appreciate that they appear to be developing the technology well as testing and optimizing everything they can from the existing.

        As far as what could a whole planet do...I think the most exciting thing is being able to create scenarios that have a more believable and varied back story. Being able to play on new terrain that you don't know like the back of your hand will create ever new challenges. Not having to deploy on a small island where the enemy "doesn't know we are here yet" with a conventional force....this is good.

        Actual use for jets! I think it could real up the role play possibilities but that brings new challenges for a community with a focus as we have had. So procedural generation will open that up. The questions would be how will dynamic simulation of AI or players be able to open up to these new possibilities.
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          One of the most troublesome issues is the server side and network connection. If the precedent set by the space games that use procedural generated environment remains, then that means we will suffer from horrific game play because of the draw on the server and the network. Not saying that it can't be done, but it will definitely be a bit tough.

          Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous have large scale environments and planetside tech. One suffers from the problem ArmA 3 and Exile mod suffers from which causes frames to be low and the other deals with this by limiting the number of players that can be around.


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            I get 60 fps, the most my monitor can handle, on Elite. It's not impossible, the programmers just have to be creative, and if one has the horsepower it shouldn't be a problem.
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              Originally posted by ScratchnSniff0 View Post
              I get 60 fps, the most my monitor can handle, on Elite. It's not impossible, the programmers just have to be creative, and if one has the horsepower it shouldn't be a problem.
              Quad core minimum with 8 Gb ram or more is my guess and probably 4Gb VRAM...




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