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Operation: "Convince the wife that Elite: Dangerous Horizons is needed."

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  • Operation: "Convince the wife that Elite: Dangerous Horizons is needed."

    So, I picked up Horizons. Operation: "Convince the wife that Horizons is needed." was a success!! We were at Market Basket (local grocery store in NH) and we were bickering about bathroom sprays, it was my turn to pick it but she hates the ones I pick out. I said to her, "I'll let you get your bathroom spray if I can get Elite Dangerous: Horizons." She replied, "Fine!" YAY!!!!!

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    An epic win good sir. Your negotiation skills are top notch.
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      I'd be worried.

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        Why is no one else concerned that he gave up his turn to pick a bathroom spray for an expansion pack? What kind of pandora's box of future negotiations have you unleashed?? What will you need to give up to get a full game?


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          A better negotiator than me with my wife.


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            Heh, I would simply tell my wife what we were getting.

            (She isn't on this website right? Just asking.)

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