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4 Player Coop w/ Space Dwarves!!

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  • 4 Player Coop w/ Space Dwarves!!

    Just picked up this 4 player coop game on steam for 25 dollars Called Deep Rock Galactic. It is in early access, but I am having a blast! You are a Dwarf that heads down into some caves with 3 other players (you can do solo if you want) and look around the area and gather minerals (minerals are used to upgrade your gear). You have to worry about bugs that try to kill you, they come from different directions, and there is different types of bugs too. There is 4 classes to choose from:
    Gunner: Uses a Minigun and a powerful Pistol. Can deploy c4 charges, and setup a grappling winch that other dwarves can use to get around the map easier.
    Driller: Uses a small pistol and a flame thrower. Can throw satchel charges to blow anything up or kill a bunch of enemies. also has power drills that make short work of walls, tunnels, and enemies.
    Scout: uses a double barrel shotgun, and an assault rifle. Can fire a grappling hook to the wall allowing them to reach places where the other dwarves would have to make a stair case out of the wall. also can fire flares that light up the whole room.
    Engineer: uses a shotgun, and a grenade launcher. can also deploy turrets to hold down a spot (good when a huge swarm is coming for you), you can also put platforms under some resources to allow some of your teammates to grab the minerals without falling to their death.

    Every class get a basic Pickaxe, and reusable flares (scouts get ones they can launch from a gun and their flares light up more of the room). They also get some armor with a shield, and frag grenades too. There is a level up perk system that can help with depositing minerals quicker, or revive teamates faster, faster sprint speed, less fall damage, more health from healing crystals, etc..

    Here is a video if you want to get it or add it to a wishlist.

    Here is a link to the steam page. It also has Very Positive reviews on the steam page -

    I've enjoyed it so far, I currently have 6 hours into it and I just picked it up Saturday night. There is a few things that is needed, like more weapon selections & classes. Overall I do enjoy the game especially when I play with friends.



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