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    Hello all, first off I'm new to Arma 3 multiplayer. Even though I've played the SP for sometime over the years and one time missions with friends, I've never really tried my hand at online Co-Op with seasoned players. I will be on and off trying my best to learn the basics and meet the TG staff and friends. My names Wolf Harrison currently living in Scotland U.K and my main gaming interests include Tactical Teamwork within FPS's or RTS/RPG. I only really play on Weekends, I know most play on a Tuesday?. I'll make sure to make it. I will leave the trival information about myself out for now, in the hopes off you finding that out for yourself's "in voice, TS" over time.

    My fav game mode so far is Hearts & Minds. I love the not knowing what you're going to run into at any minute. Although I wish sometimes someone would take Zeus and make it even more dynamic and unexpected. The worst thing so far about online is the Stamina, I think it cripples the immersion of gameplay to the point of thinking about nothing else in-game but stopping for breath every 90 seconds. Like the guy is a 22 stone fat guy who can't run more than 200 yards with 70kg on his back. Annoying...

    Even though I'm new to Arma 3 online I do have have experience in Co-Op leadership roles in a smaller capacity within SWAT 4/TSS and AA3, PR and CoH's. I've played S4-TSS for many many years sticking to strict tactical rules and expectations. TG took my interest because they seem to include most of the traits as a unit as my old teams. Serious but fun, strict learning curve for advancement, realisticly tactically minded but open to everyone willing to follow the rules. Most importantly, Fun!.

    There is much I need to learn about the game and server but I'm looking forward to meering others who can teach me, please forgive me if I make mistakes in-game I have a feeling I'll die a little more than the rest of you until I get used to the hugeness of the maps and learn how the stamina system works 100%, when to slow down, run etc.. I think I'm far from being "A Gaming Noob", but I still have a lot to learn just like in any game, but I hope to meet and learn from everyone I can. Also, I live in a house full of people. Sometimes I can't talk loud on TaskForce or you might think I'm being quiet. I'm just being considerate of others in the house :)) Reason I only play weekends sadly.Thanks for the games Hog!. If you have an introduction section sorry I must have missed it. xD

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    Good to hear from you Wolf. Was an enjoyable few games with you last week and glad you would like to stick around for a while indeed. You will find plenty of patience here and folks to help out like hedgehog helped you with the TFR.

    Here is a direct link to our Armed Assault section. Yep, it's the old old oldie name for ArmA! We have had it here for a while. I've been around since ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead came out but we have lots of players who were playing back in the Cold War Assault days too.

    See you in game!
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