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    Hi, So, I've been around now for give or take 4-5 weeks, although TC play "Sometimes". Friday or Tuesday. I've been searching and searching for public games to join. Sadly my best type is Hearts & Minds. Open world, random anything can happen team work. This it seems is lacking is Arma 3, at least for me, maybe because I'm playing at the wrong places or at the wrong times, who knows.. I've downloaded over 110gb worth of mods jumping between different types of servers/modes for weeks, most don't require TS3 - A sign right away it's not for me I.E. Invade & Annex. Crazy running around with the odd typing isn't tactical or team working.. It's Battlefield 4 with better graphics and even younger players.

    My question is.. should I continue playing H&M?, Co-Op sandbox. Because it seems no one else does. If not, what are you guys playing these days? since the most I've ever seen online is 5.
    I only ask because I work 6 days a week and have 8 hours to blow off steam having fun online "when I can". I don't want to waste time waiting for players that may never come because something else is taking over the scene that I've not came across yet. Obv people play different things, but for the guy that seems to be left alone on Steam "Maybe get better friends :)" Fill me in.. xD

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    Hey, Wolf, is it possible to post this in the ArmA section? I think it will get more traction there than here.


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      Wolf, Hearts & Minds doesn't get much traction here. The reason is what we are really looking for here are shorter missions with a solid plan. So something a leader can read up on the intel and then communicate a good plan to a team. Then....execute!

      So, Hearts & Minds for us is a filler mission which helped us move to have playable content while we transitioned into using ACE only recently. You will have better luck seeding with other missions. If Heart's & Minds is all you want then this may not be the drone your looking for.

      Still, we strive to create really good teamwork in a fun environment and really you never know which days of the week are going to fill up. Winter is like that for us at TG Arma.

      P.S. TG stands for Tactical Gamer. So TC was a little confusing there for a sec ;)
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