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10 years ago I became a TG!

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  • 10 years ago I became a TG!

    Ok ok, the correct term might be a "lurker".

    But around 10 years ago I had been playing Counter-Strike with a team that was trying to get really good at using tactics although we didn't really know the term. But the reward from the teamwork was a real blast. But, that group didn't have a whole lot of discipline and the player covering your six might go wandering off and leave you exposed. Great folks to play with...but I was looking for that next level of fun but also a greater dose of "don't worry bud, I got ya".

    So I'd seen this ArmA 2 and was just amazed at how much it looked like video to me at the time. I downloaded I think they had a demo, and it ran like crap on my rig. Ok, I guess I'll try this Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. My computer was complaining, but it ran.

    So I remember SARGE , LpBronco , and a bunch of other names I keep seeing in the other titles within our forums playing back then. Chokepoint....what a ruthless fight that always was. I think I tried to recreate that within A3 at one point but no one played it.

    Still, however....I was the lurker on the forums. I wouldn't create an account so I didn't post. I didn't understand the primer but there was a lot that I knew I liked when I had read it.

    Hey, so I like the primer but also prior that I had been editing BF2 to put Maverick missiles in my shotgun. Meh.

    Well, I don't really remember what changed. But maybe it was because I'd started to make friends within that group playing Dragon Rising. Bronco was a spirited group leader and his enthusiasm was infectious. So one day, I decided that whomever these site admins are they might as well know my email and whatever else they might want to know from that lol. K, I had not yet accepted that participation on the net meant that you had already waved goodbye to the old shores of expectations of privacy. But hey, my real last name ain't Unkl. And my real first name ain't Say.

    Well, the Dragon Rising kinda petered out. We had to rely on a few players who had really good internet and good machines to host. BadBlood, Shockley, Sarge and Blackfox would play If they weren't on, we were playing a really laggy game. But eventually the missions were stale and we fell into the trap of meta-gaming. So, I fired up ArmA 2 again. But now they had just released Operation Arrowhead.

    Well, didn't that necessitate an upgrade to the ol' rig. Yeppers.

    Suddenly I'm playing with Jeepo, Dredge, socomseal, Acog, but mostly Siantis and Baguir. One day I mention to Grunt (then an ArmA Admin) that I used to run a few servers back in the day and I'd be willing to help out admin. I really don't know how much there is to the TG onion yet. But a few months later, Jeepo & Dredge ask me on the team.

    So what is the point of this?

    I remember a time when I was a lurker. I remember that it was kind and fun people that brought me around to join this community. The basics were all there, the teamwork, the tactics. But that wasn't enough to make me want to participate.

    I can't believe 10 years ago I was stalking TG. Peering through the window but never ringing the front door. We always have lots of traffic doing that.

    I'll catch up again next Jan when my 10 years becomes official. Man they just don't stop adding up eh? 10 for this, 15 for that, 20 for that other measurement. At least this one is about fun games and good peeps to share em with.

    Thanks TG folks!
    |TG189| Unkl
    ArmA 3 Admin
    189th Infantry Brigade Member
    Thank You To our Supporting Members -
    "Place your playable units and do your tactical barbie" - Roque_THE_GAMER

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    Itís been a wild ride so far :)

    Current ARMA Development Project: No Current Project

    "An infantryman needs a leader to be the standard against which he can judge all soldiers."

    Friend of |TG| Chief


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      Pleasure playing and working with you Unkl!
      The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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        And I regretted it ever since! :D

        Awesome dude, glad you are still here! Makes me feel old though.....


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          Indeed Time flies

          I have been an outside member for a long time, way before I joined the forums and I believe I did so join to add my Steam ID and to READ AND 'SIGN": The TGNS Primer for the game Natural Selection around 01-24-2007.

          Before this time I was playing Counter Strike exclusively With TG.

          The team work was awesome and the rule to not spawn camp out of respect was rule that hard to find elsewhere. The one rule I remember most was the "No bunny hopping rule". "Do you do this real life?", I am sure I declined to answer, but I had wished I had the stamina to jump around all day like a rabbit.

          Later, I re found TG when playing Natural Selection and later still NS2, then found myself playing Planetside2 where I have been ever since.

          I have other game titles which I have yet to play but PS2 keeps pulling me back each time.

          My desire to lead for 20 minutes, dissolves when four hours later, I am still leading and its 0400 GMT, all because the team working with me make it so easy, times just flies by, like the years spent here.

          Each Game, different set of people but every person following the same idea, Mature Teamwork and loads a Fun.

          I have been a member of TG for over 12 Years, but have been part of TG for some much longer, its hard to believe and its been a fun ride.

          As I say in game: "Thank you ALL for your Teamwork" as without you guys, I would not have a team to lead!

          (6..~)Z Z z z....


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            Man oh man did I read that title wrong!!! "10 years ago I became a stalker" I didn't see the " tg!"




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